Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Home page

I'm an Australian, I am a writer...get used to seeing some expressions you may find strange, if unsure of what the hell I just said, ask on the comment page, I am happy to oblige.

For those people who like a laugh I have posted my version of THE DICTIONARY of AUSSIE SLANG.

This blog is for having some discussions on topics dear to my heart. Like drinking champagne and eating chocolate dipped strawberries whilst laying back in the arms of a guy who looks just like George Clooney.

We can do deep and meaningful, I will have a page for that. Mostly I save the heavy stuff for my other site.

Contests will be run and submissions requested on a monthly basis.

Link to twitter/facebook etc know the drill.

So, Soooz is my nickname, well at least it's the most publishable one I have.

I have posted a story in 3 parts, trust me it's strictly for laughs, we are not talking award winning Literary Fiction with this one.

That will appear on another page....

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