Monday, August 30, 2010

A biography of the Human Spirit and it's ability to survive.

Sasha Petrova.

Welcome to my recommended reading book of the week.

Sasha Petrova is a warm creative and loving woman, how the hell she managed to be that way given the horror of her younger years, is a tribute to her incredible courage.

"A Leaf on The Wind" is her story.

Read it...and rejoice along with me, that Sasha Petrova survived her life and shares it with us.

A Brief biography...

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Sasha Petrova moved with her mother to Mazatlan, Mexico. In addition to being a published author, she is also a talented artist and attends the Angela Peralta School of Fine Art near her home.

Many of her paintings hang on walls in homes in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and of course, Mexico. She is working on two books, a mystery and a series of humorous short stories on her fascinating new life in Mazatlan.

In her book "A Leaf on the Wind", Sasha Petrova takes us through her traumatic childhood memories of living with an abusive father.

Her experiences almost destroy her life and the lives of her family members.

Finally, she perseveres and overcomes her past to become a successful author and artist.

A Leaf on the Wind is available at

 View Sasha's new website...


Sasha's paintings can be viewed at
 Many of her paintings have been inspired by her writings such as "A Leaf on the Wind."
 "A Crack in the Mirror" (a novel in progress)
and "Life Below the Border" (A series of humorous stories about life in Mexico also a work in progress).
 I highly recommend you check out her short stories on
 They are well written and a delight to read. In 2009 Sasha was named the number two novelist on Fanstory and in 2010 is listed as the number five short story writer.
She has aquired a fan base of more than 100 loyal fans.

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