Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The A-Z Challenge Day 4~ D = Dudes Down Under!

“D” is for Dudes Down Under!

I can’t resist the opportunity to plug my soon to be published Romantic Comedy.

“Dudes Down Under” is Different, Delightful, Delicious, Daring, Defiant, Daunting, Delectable,Devastating, Delirious, Devine and Downright Dangerous.

Dudes down Under, is the name of the most luxurious resort ever built, set on a privately owned island, nestled on the Great Barrier Reef off the coastline of Northern Australia.

The owner of “Dudes” is Lucy Bambini. Lucy is ostensibly the manager. Only the reader and one staff member know that she owns the resort in its entirety, as well as the island it is built on.

To open the resort, Lucy has signed a deal with the “Queen of American daytime talk shows”…the lovely Lana Peters.  The deal?   
A barrel is filled with the names of interested Hollywood ‘A’ Listers, who pay $500,000 each to enter the draw.  There can be ten winners only, to be drawn by the host. 

The prize, one month of absolute luxury at Dudes Down Under--Paparazzi free!  If the guests can get by without cell phones, televisions, computers, personal trainers … in short, everything they think they will die without.

Cyril is my anthropomorphic Crocodile and a pivotal character in my book ...the humans in the book can't hear his thoughts, but YOU the reader can. Makes for some very er-um ... interesting misunderstandings! That's Cyril below on the cover!

The getting to know Cyril interviews.{Only appearing when the Alphabet permits}

Yesterday He was interviewed by a novice…today it’s moi doing the interview, so he of course will behave.

Mornin' Cyril, welcome to your next interview my friend.

Morning? It's morning? Why wasn't I told? I'm simply not prepared. Where's my breakfast?

Now Cyril, watch your blood pressure.

Blood pressure? Can I die from that? Am I dying? What does one wear when one dies?

Cyril, settle down, your face is turning red, in a greenish sort of way.

Red...eeek! No that will never do, I never wear red. Does dreadful things for my complexion. Red indeed. Hrmph! Not about to happen.

Oh, I don't know mate, it kinda matches your eyes.

Very droll, imbecile. YOU shouldn't have allowed me to drink that entire bottle of J.D. What were you thinking?

It's hard to resist a drunken 28ft long crocodile, especially when he is sitting on your chest.

Oh, give me a break. You know I like company. Besides you don't seriously call that a chest? Now that lovely Angelina person...she has a chest.

Careful buddy, we wouldn't like to misplace all those wonderful Al Pacino DvDs would we?

Eeeeek, no! Is that legal? You wouldn't. You couldn't! Yes , you would. Noooo. I'll behave...I'll even wear non-designer. No, cancel that remark. I'll...promise not to fart in mixed company.

You do enjoy Mr Pacino, and of course we then have Mr. Brando. Tell me did you enjoy the movie last night?

Enjoy? Tsk, I hate understatement. The Godfather ... sigh! So romantic. And of course they are BOTH in it...I dressed for the occasion. Do you have any idea just how difficult it is for me to wear TAILS? Seriously! Ahhhh but nothing less would do. Tell me, what happened to what was left of the horse?

That was make believe Cyril.

Make believe what? 'A horse is a horse of course of course'. I did wonder about 'Wilbur" though...a sandwich short of a picnic if you want my opinion.

  "Mr Ed," was make believe...be original, can’t you?

You want original? You are talking to a 28ft long crocodile who is wearing a pink sun hat, Gucci sunglasses, and a Givenchy designed T-shirt, not to mention drinking VB beer from a stein. And you want Original?

Point taken.

Taken where?

No ... it’s an expression?

“I got 46 expressions ...soft as soap and tough as leather and that’s 46 more than all those Barrymore’s put together!”

That’s Streisand from Funny Girl.

I do love Babs.

Perfectly understandable. I have another Brando movie up for you to watch tonight.

Ah, you do spoil moi. Ooooh, I must dress, is it another romance, like the Godfather?

Not ...exactly. It’s called “Last Tango in Paris.”

A musical! How stunning...Brando in a musical, oh I am soooo excited. What does one wear to a musical?...The "Carmen Miranda" perhaps. I simply can’t wait!

Neither can I.

Soooz! You’re smirking...why are you smirking?

To be Continued…when the Alphabet permits!


  1. Hi Soooz .. love your take on life and the Aussie facts .. Cyril particularly takes my fancy .. seems an intelligent guy - facts at his claw tips .. cheers Hilary

  2. This book sounds so good! And I love the title! Of course you should plug it on your D Day!

  3. Love the sound of your book! And Cyril is awesome. I have an articulate animal in my own book, funnily enough, and my MC is the only one who can hear it for the most part.

    Am following! Looks like we share the same humour. :)

  4. I have to say, the book does sound amazing. Plus as someone who does a webcomic with a talking gator, there's this whole other level of appreciation I have for it.

  5. Hi,
    I remember your book well. Good luck with it.

  6. Thanks so much for the lovely comments Guys and Gals.

    Cyril is waving from the bar!
    @ Mooderino...nice to catch up with you. I've linked up to Moody Writing.

  7. Best of luck with your upcoming release!

    I loved the D-day! Perfect timing for your interview. =)


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