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Welcome to May Movers and Shakers today's guest author is Nya Rawlyns author of "The Shadow of This World"

I am delighted to welcome author Nya Rawlyns to May Movers and Shakers Promotion.

What Nya has to say...about herself.

Writer, editor and hopeless romantic. I've lived on a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay, ridden more than 1000 miles in trail competitions on horseback, and been owned by two Newfoundlands.

 I'm staff for a herd of cats and a herd of horses.
I've never met a potato chip I didn't like and I weight lift - which is probably fortuitous as I really like potato chips.
I love happy endings, even when I have to make them up. Optimist by day and by night...

The Shadow of This World by Nya Rawlyns
Historical Paranormal Romance, Time Travel

When the fate of worlds rests on shifting loyalties and the vagaries of the human heart, will time and history slip into shadow?

Venice, a city of art and music and commerce, wealthy, greedy, whose rulers engage in war as simply an extension of commerce by other means. Cosimo de' Medici, capo of an ancient family with uncommon power, ruler of Florence, maker of kings and popes, with secrets and plans, orchestrating and plotting as the Holy Roman Empire stands poised to change the face of the
continent, and even the world.

Three brothers with uncommon gifts: Stefano, Antonio and Nicolo de' Medici, Veluria: an operative of the Sisterhood and Andreas, a cleric from the competing Council--strangers out of time and out of place--haunt a chaotic shadow world where knowledge is power. Tasked with averting disaster in a future falling prey to disintegration and yet another apocalypse, two operatives seek independently to stay events, to manipulate, control and direct, yet neither truly understands the scope of the looming tragedy, the shifting loyalties and matters of the heart, the acts of desperation that will change history, and the roles each will play.

Venice, a city of beauty whose canals string like pearls through her heart, a city on the edge, poised for a tumultuous plunge into a cavernous maw, indistinct, hazy, falling into ...The Shadow of This World.


Amid the shadows is another world...
By Denyse Bridger

The Shadow of this World is written in vivid, sweeping prose that takes the reader on an adventure that bridges two worlds, this one and the shadow, the place that is home to a number of the characters. With roots in the historical splendour of Venice, this novel is historical and pseudo-fantasy at times, but is always compelling and intensely interesting.

The intrigues of the politics, the plotting and counter-plotting, and the complex relationships that bind the people of this world are well-drawn, carefully mapped out, and expertly revealed by the flowing prose of Nya Rawlyns' pen. The heroes aren't always who you think they are, and the heroine is anything but typical in her passions and her purpose.

If you are looking for a novel that contains elements of history, fantasy, romance, and adventure, The Shadow of this World will most certainly satisfy your craving nicely. Nya Rawlyns has penned another intelligent and fascinating tale, one that will keep you turning pages and living in her world long after you've put the book down. ~ 5 stars!

 Nya talks about the creation of "The Shadows of This World.

It started as a challenge on Face Book. Denyse Bridger provided a visual prompt and two paragraphs to set the scene and the mood. She then invited authors to contribute to an extemporaneous tale of romance and intrigue. A publisher promised to publish it and donate proceeds to the Italian earthquake relief fund. As sometimes happens, it didn’t pan out as we’d all hoped. 

However, the story stayed with me. And by odd co-incidence I had written nearly 85% of it. Time passed and NaNoWriMo arrived in all its glory. With a discerning eye and no small amount of trepidation I scrubbed what didn’t work and began the journey. 
Characters I never knew existed suddenly were as real as … well, my next door neighbors. And what had been a scant novella blossomed into an epic journey through time. 

Set in 1515 Venice, it seems my subconscious finally found a use for all those medieval and renaissance history classes I took in college. With the help of a very understanding son, I was able to go full immersion for five weeks, surfacing for the occasional hygiene pause to refresh, a light repast (love Chinese take-out) and enough in the clothes closet to keep laundry from becoming a burden. I switched to my editor’s hat, sent it out to beta readers and by the end of January 2012 XOXO Publishing accepted the manuscript. Kayden McLeod did a to-die-for cover. I owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who helped bring this epic to fruition. I hope I did them proud.

Historical paranormal romance, time travel

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  1. It's a complex but very readable and enjoyable book. The pace is terrific and the characters strong and distinct. Readers are going to love it - and if they knew the speed at which Nya writes and the quality she always achieves, they'd be even more impressed.


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