Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Soooz's Book Pick for June/July ... Hel's Heroes by Gerry McCullough.

 I have read a variety of genres this past month or so. This marvelous new book by author Gerry McCullough totally caught and held me. Overwhelmingly my pick for Book of the Month.

Gerry McCullough has long been an author I admire, I have read each of her novels and have never been disappointed in any of them. 

This novel is no exception … except that it is more than just a novel. This genre is one that I’ve not seen this author take on before. She has taken a huge step away from her usual comfort zone, and in doing so has done an exceptional piece of writing.
This is a romance within a romance, and if that causes men to shy away from this work that would be their loss. 

 This is more than starry-eyed young love; this book is a journey into the heart and longings of one woman who lives her life in part via her character creation of Annie. The primary character Hel (Helen) is a successful author who has lived her life caring for others and grieves for the loss of her beloved parents, she is isolated although never really alone, she lives and loves through her characters in Regency Novels wherein the dashing Jack is her sublime idea of what a man should be.

I laughed at Hel’s initial fumbling attempts and faux-pas as she begins socializing in the real world, yet within that laughter came a short sharp sadness, as the book and the character of Hel felt so real, her innocence mixed with a hunger and a need to belong hit a vein. And in her search for perfection in an imperfect world she takes all of us by the hand and the heart and be you male or female I defy anyone to look back on their own dreams of a true and lasting love and not recognize a version of their early selves in her words.

Do I recommend this novel? Oh, yes indeed I do. Unreservedly. It left me with a tangible and lingering feeling of warmth. You only need to read it to feel it.

Do yourselves a favor, don’t miss this one.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

So, Lets talk about SEX baby!

So, let’s talk about SEX, baby.
Those of you that know me are well aware that my mind goes off on on some fairly (Ok, Really) weird and often offensive tangents. Blame it on the weather, water supply, narcotics … or just sixty-one years of observation and a whole lot of laughter. For those of you fortunate enough not to have made my acquaintance, run while you still can.
With that in mind, (Mine not yours) I ask you to picture this …
A young couple have been texting each other for a few weeks, they finally meet face to face and phone to phone and decide that it’s time they took their relationship to another level.
Yeah! THAT level.
Anyways, after they decide whose apartment is closer using the google map app-and knowing they can order in using Menu-log they head off for an evening of friends with benefits. Or SEX as we called it back when writing was done on papyrus.
His apartment wins by 2.5 miles. It smells of unwashed socks and a fully loaded kitty-litter tray … but in the heat of passion, she doesn’t notice.
No pre-emptive romantic stuff. The clothes are off, the bodies stripped of designer label concealment … and so it begins.
Oh, did I mention that they are both clinging tightly to their cell-phones? No! Well, trust me, they are.
He kisses her, gazes into her eyes and waits … his phone buzzes.
The text message reads,“Hm, that was nice.”
She smiles and kisses him in return. And, waits.
“Yes. Your skin smells great.”
He moves his free hand lower and strokes her. And…yeah, he waits.
Taking that as a sign that things are moving right along he proceeds further …
She texts …“Can u take a selfie of my face, while I’m, you know?  Then the waiting thing again.
”Like, that’s such a cool, idea. U take one of me too?”
You know the drill.
 “Wow, I’ll bet we are the first people in like ever that have done this.”
From here on I’ll just type the initial W for the waiting thing.
She texts. “Um, who first? (SERIOUSLY!)
“I like think it better be u. Cause, u know, if I do then I can’t get a selfie of you while you do.”
“Oh. Lol. Yeah.”
“Is it good?”
“Amazing. I think You can take that selfie anytime now.”
She texts again. “Did you get it?”
“Sure did.”
“Show me.”
He holds the phone to her 
“OMG! I’m like, wow, happy.”
“My turn?”
“Yeah, but can u make it like really fast, my phones almost out of charge.”
“Oh, Ok. I’ll tell u when.”
“So, like, was it ok?”
“Yeah! Take a look at the selfie.” She holds the phone to his face.
“Wow. I feel like we really connected, u know. Can I C U again?”
“This could be something um … special, like … really special, yeah?
And so dear reader, the young um … lovers, exchange last names. Via text of course. This being the equivalent of taking her home to meet mom and dad. I’m so grateful that she didn’t text him “Is it in yet?”
That would have been a real mood killer, right?
OMG … is that the time?  My man is on his way over, and my phones not charged.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Book Review: "A Russian Gift of Love." by T.K.Geering.

Book Review: A Russian Gift of Love. By T.K. Geering.

Author bio.
 I started to write initially in my teens for amusement but began to write seriously about five years ago. I didn’t chose to write fantasy it chose me…

In the past I have lectured to ‘A’ level and Performing Arts students on creative writing. It became an extremely interesting sideline and gave a natural break from editing, reviewing and writing.

Whilst sitting in my garden amongst the Shasta daisies one hot balmy summer evening, I idly watched a spider spinning a web. I was intrigued by the intricate structure, and ease of his accomplishment.  A storyline formed in my mind and I began making notes. My mind was racing, and my fingers were loaded with words. A couple of glasses of red wine and Shasta was born. I then realised there was a sequel lurking within. Another character introduced himself as Erasmus a time travelling lover with attitude. My quick fingers helped him to achieve his time travelling and within a year the trilogy was complete.

Whilst interviewing a publisher for the writing group I belonged to, I was both shocked and delighted to hear that they were head hunting me for publication of my books. The rest as they say …… is history. My writing style has been compared to J.K. Rowling and Jean M. Auel, and my books are now sold worldwide.

Tee Geering writes paranormal romance and is a previously published author.

My Review:

A Russian Gift Of Love is a complex short story. The author T.K.Geering has compacted a fast-paced read, without losing any of the impact of the storyline.

Victoria Houseman is to the casual observer a published author. An author, who likes to isolate herself when she works. Yet we are made aware that whilst she loves writing, and has proven herself to be adept at it; it shields her other life. 

A life where she works undercover to combat terrorism and major crime syndicates. She is a DCI and has earned her rank the hard way.

Christmas holidays are fast approaching, and Vicky looks forward to being on her own. The wind down time essential in such a stress provoking lifestyle. 

Fate has a way of stepping on plans.

Meet Nick aka (Nickoli Morozov) Vicky’s new neighbor, who has his own deadly secrets to keep.

His orders … simple … Kill Vicky Houseman.

A Christmas blizzard, and Nick’s unplanned fall sees the two people pulled together from necessity. Nick's badly sprained ankle brings about changes neither of them could foresee.

The combination of enforced isolation, a blazing open fire, good wine and great company begin to affect both of them.

But … Is it enough to alter what all their training has prepared them to do?

I will not spoil this for you, suffice it to say that what follows will urge the reader on to an unexpected conclusion.

Tight, fast-paced, and enjoyable reading.
See More of T.K Geerings work...here.