Monday, December 5, 2011

Contest for Christmas. Dear, Santa ... I can explain!

Christmas Contest.

Okay, lovelies here we are and it’s almost Christmas. Submissions are now open.

This contest is simple. Write a short story of 1000 words or less that begins with the sentence;

“Dear, Santa... I can explain!”

The story needs to be set on or around Christmas day, you can write in any genre of your choice.

Simple, yes?

Have fun with this one, be as creative as you like.

The vote will open on December 20th.

It will as always be a blind vote, the story entrants will be numbered and include the title only in the vote.

In the event of a tie the entries will go up again for 24 hours.

I look forward to reading the entries.

Send the story in word format to

Please include a title {not counted in the word count}

In the subject line write...Christmas Contest.

The prize? A copy of my new Ebook to be released this month.

Empty chairs book 2:"Faint echoes of Laughter


 The winning entry will be featured on my blog site for the month of January 2012. Together with a link to any book of the winners choosing, and a book review from yours truly.


Please leave a comment/review on any of the stories/poems contributed.