Tuesday, July 14, 2015

NEW CONTEST ..."What is the sex of these authors?"

Okay, it's been quite a while since I came up with a new contest, so I do hope to garner some interest.

I think it will be interesting for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is how readers interpret what they read.

So ... what is it about?

I want you ... yes, you. I want you to tell me if the excerpts I'll be featuring were in your opinion written by a male or a female or perhaps a gender fluid author.

Simple ... yes?

I'm of the opinion that it may prove to be a damned sight harder than people think.

Now, I need authors to contribute an excerpt of 500 words or less from any of their books. I will only be putting up 3 excerpts each week.

Choose wisely, and try if you can not to feature characters within your excerpts that are widely known.

ARE YOU Interested in participating in the submissions?  Great. 

Send the excerpt to me ... Soooz Burke at 


Please include your author name and the book title. 

In the subject line please write "What is the sex of these authors?" Please also include your gender (especially in the case of those using a pen name)
The only identifier each excerpt will receive will be a number allocated by myself.

IF I receive sufficient interest I will put up the excerpts for a week, at the end of that time the FIRST person with all 3 correct author genre will win a personally autographed paperback copy of of my latest book, "Acts Beyond Redemption"  due for release by months end. NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE. If the interest in the contest is good, I will continue to run it. HOWEVER the paperback will only be available week one. After that I will give away an electronic copy to the winner each week.

The benefit to contributors of the extracts is also pretty cool. At the conclusion of the contest each week I will post a full page featuring your book, and your purchase links together with your favorite review.
Cool. Oh, and I would also appreciate you following my blog.

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