Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Call for entries. Submissions close Wednesday July 28th midnight.

Short story contest. Theme and Guidelines.

Submissions are now open.

This is the photograph on which to base your entry.

Have fun with it; be as creative as you like. All genres are acceptable.

Word count Minimum 500 words. Maximum 3000 words.

Submissions: Now open.

Entries close on: 28th July 2010 at midnight GMT.

Voting: This contest will be open to be voted on by all of you. You may NOT vote for your own entry.

Voting commences: On 29th of July. Voting will end on 31st July at midnight GMT.

The winner will be announced on: 1st August.

The WINNING entry: Will be visible on the site until the 31st of August, It will also be promoted on FB and my other websites.

To submit your entry: send the entry to me in the body of an email to
please edit and format. Please include title in subject line.

Have some fun, and good luck.



  1. Just wondering, how do we submit? Post in a comment, email it to you? Let me know.

  2. Hi Suze!

    I was wondering how we center as well - post in a comment or email it to you?

  3. Hi guys have sent you both emails..lets try submitting here on comments first...if formatting goes through okay will leave that on my guidlines...if unhappy with formatting will make it in body of email to me instead.

    What say you?
    Oh and thanks for the input guys I appreciate it much.

  4. Okay just tested the comment way of posting..not gonna work so all posts to me in an email please at

    thanks for the interest guys most appreciated.



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