Monday, August 2, 2010


Would this lovely lady be your choice?

Interviews with Famous Folks. Win a Personally Autographed copy of Lindy Rahn's marvelous book "Heart Of Glass". No restriction on country of origin.

You have been given a time machine. How wonderful. Now you can utilize it if you wish. YOU can INTERVIEW up to TWO of the following people. Together or separate that’s your choice.

Rules are simple..Maximum of 10 questions each person. No minimum word count... No maximum word count.

Submissions are now open

Submissions close Midnight Tuesday 31st August 2010.{GMT}

Voting is open to all. Votes will be closed on Wednesday 3rd September 2010. You may not vote for your own work.

Submit by Email to me at

The winner will be featured on my site for the entire month of September.

 Utilize any genre. Most of all have fun with it.


Terry Hatchett

Abraham Lincoln

Oscar Wilde

Margaret Thatcher

Jane Eyre

Germaine Greer

Stephen King

Winston Churchill

Charles Dickens

Mahatma Ghandi

Donald Trump

Robert Heinlen

John Lennon

Ludwig Von Beethoven

Julius Caeser

Marilyn Monroe

Stephen Gates

Napolean Bonaparte

Have some creative fun, treat it all very seriously or have a good laugh. Good luck.

I will commence posting entries on the site on monday 16th August.


  1. Write answers or just questions?

  2. Hi my friend, both answers and questions, handle it in whatever format or style you would like Jeff. One entrant has an interview with a "fictional" character in a coffee shop setting. Play it straight up and set it up as a formal get to role play. Whatever feels right, as long as there are ten questions and answers you can do what you like with it.


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