Sunday, October 17, 2010

Book Review "The Truth about Whales" by Sueann Jackson Land

Make no mistake, this book pulls no punches. The contents are not air-brushed to make them more palatable to read.

Ms Jackson Land lived these horrors, more importantly she survived them, and grew painfully from the experience. I know first hand the utter devastation of child sexual abuse, and am qualified to speak on what I read. This author speaks from the soul. There are no excuses offered nor expected within these pages.

A story of punishment at her own hands during the years she struggled with the face in the mirror. The years of not knowing who she was, or what it was that she had done to warrant the cruelty she lived through.

Above all else, this author explores with devastating bluntness what she remembered, what she must accept responsibility for, and what she had in her power to change.

This book shimmers with a hopefull heart. The words always leading the reader onwards toward the ultimate recognition that the author could not change what was, but had it within her power to change what is. She stands up to be counted. And in doing so offers hope and strength to all that visit the pages of this book.

I do not know this amazing woman, rest assured after reading this book I would be proud not only to know her, but to call her a friend.

A powerful un-put-downable book.

Bravo...Ms. Jackson Land I raise my hat to you.

The Truth About Whales

SueAnn Jackson Land

When the rage of living settles down and age relieves us of blame - then we are ready to look in the mirror.

After everything we encounter as human beings, after every trial and joy, everything we have chosen this lifetime for - we ultimately answer to the human being staring back at us from the mirror. Along with the memoirs that talk about "what they did to me" I wanted to write one that said, "These are the people who helped me. These are the memories that I had to go back and revise because I was wrong. These are the things I could not change and here are the things that I could. This is how I found peace." I hope that I have accomplished that in this book and the reader will come away with hope instead of despair. Ultimately, The Truth About Whales is about survival and the grace that time offers us to change our perceptions and move on.


Tom Bye wrote 


VERY strong of you to sit down and document so harrowing a story.

riveting and a compelling read once started. found myself turning the pages at a great pace.

 Darugh wrote 

 A splendid work - courageous, heartfelt and brutally honest. I love whole passages: "...I can smell my grandmother in bakeries ... as I unwound like a top, the words would spill from me." And "The photos are scattered in my memory ..." And "Isn't it grace that age allows us interpretation?"

Yes, grace it is. And you have blessed us all by sharing this. I look forward to being able to purchase a copy of the book.

 Eunice Attwood 

Beautifully written. The sharing the depths of one's emotions with the rest of the world, is a courageous thing to do. Growth is always painful but makes us stronger. Congratulations on a fine work. Eunice - The Temple Dancer.

 klouholmes wrote

Hi SueAnn, Good texture to this narration, giving scenes and then background to the family. The details are nostalgic to the 1960s yet they are redolent with the ethnic background, the grandmother's cabbage leaves and their holding to their relatives. There's the hint of harshness at first and the worry in the prologue bodes of interior tellings. It's well-written. 

 Andrew Burans

It must have taken a great deal of courage and soul searching to write your story and open yourself up to the public. Yours is a message that needs to be conveyed time and again. Your descriptive, straight forward writing style is perfect for this genre of book. Backed.

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