Monday, December 13, 2010

Sex and an "Aussie" accent all in one.

My first attempt at writing erotica is now up on Hot Flushes. With thanks to Diane Nelson. The work is a short entitled "The Huntress."

ALSO..for anyone interested in hearing what I sound like, I have recorded a portion of my new book "Twisted" on Richard Wood's 'The Word Count' Podcast now up for a free broadcast ... I am in wonderful company, the authors below have contributed their wonderful readings from their nanowrimo novels here is the link.........


After a thirty year career as an analytical chemist and technical writer, Diane Nelson turned to writing fiction full time. Her first novel, Dragon Academy, was released in June 2010, followed by Dancing in the Dark which she edited and contributed a short story, Dance Macabre, and Mounted Exercises in July 2010. She edited another anthology, Flashes Through Time, out now in eBook format and slated for print release Fall 2010. Diane also writes as Nya Rawlyns. Her novella, Sculpting David, will appear under the Red Sage imprint. Shadow of This World, written in collaboration with Denyse Bridger, Chris Ledbetter and Joann Hamann-Buchanan, will be released by XoXo Publishing.


Twitter: @Diane_Nelson


Monica Marier is a caffeinated stay-at-home mom, artist, writer, composer and eccentric. Her debut novel Must Love Dragons is coming out through Hunt Press September 2010. She writes a column on obesity in America for Frum Forum and draws/writes webcomics for the company she co-created: Tangent Artists. Monica lives in the D.C. Metro area with her very supportive husband, blogs at the Attack of the Muses and is also on Twitter.


Twitter: @lil_monmon

My own sites are  to read excerpts from my soon to be released biography "Empty Chairs" my story of living beyond child abuse and surviving on the streets.

My Comedy/romance "Dudes Down Under" is available for a sneek preview on

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  1. Thanks Soooz! The Huntress might be your first foray into erotica but I sure hope it isn't your last! Good stuff.


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