Sunday, April 3, 2011

The A-Z Challenge Day #3 "C" = Crocodile (With a difference)

 April A-Z Challenge Day 3...C for Cyril the Crocodile ( With a difference}

Cyril is a pivotal character in my Comedy Romance novel "Dudes Down Under" I could say more, but why spoil a perfectly good interview with a crocodile?  Um-- oh hell, just read'll get the drift.

Interview with Mr. Cyril. C.Roc. Odile.

Please welcome my guest this week.

Cyril…may I call you Cyril?

Let me think on that …

Um … er ... Mr. C. C. Roc Odile; seems so, er-formal.

Yes it does…

Well then…?

Well then what?

May I call you, Cyril?

Let me think on that…

Very well then, may I ask where you were born?


I … Why not?

My business.

But … but this is an interview.

It is?

Well it’s supposed to be.

“Oh…that’s different. I thought you were just sticking your nose where it didn’t belong. Who did it by the way?

Er … did it?

Yes did it, your nose dear. Who did it?

“Oh well, um. The new guy in Hollywood.


Pity? Why..what? Is something wrong with it?

He should have stopped after he did Michaels .

He did Michaels?

Is there an echo in here? Still it could be worse I suppose, you could have had him do the boobs as well.

He did.

Oh…he heh. Big reduction hey?

No- no he … wait a minute, I’m supposed to be interviewing you.

Then go ahead.

Are you surprised to find yourself here in Hollywood?

No..that’s where I intended to get to when I boarded the plane for LA.

I mean, er hem are you surprised by the fame?



You should never wear pink with that hair dear.


Pink …are you deaf? You should never ever wear pink.


It’s so yesterday. It would work if you matched the hair color though.

Do you think so?

Oh absolutely you must visit my guy, he’s fabulous.

Oh-do you have his card?

Card?…Oh how quaint. I’ll have his guy call your guy.

Which guy?

The guy who sets things up with his guy.

He has a guy?

That’s the rumour.

Can we get back to the interview?

It moved?

No!  I mean can I ask you some more questions?

About air travel?

No. Please tell my readers how you came to be here.

They don’t know?


Wow..who’d have thought in this day and age…I’m shocked.




Do we have the echo back?

No. Why are you shocked?

Well dear I mean really…I would have thought that anyone who could be reading this would know how I came to be here.


Are you shittin’ me?

No…no really, I’m certain they’d love to know.

Well, okay then if you’re certain?

Oh yes…please go ahead.

You yanks are a strange lot. Well my mom was kinda know went a darker shade of green everytime my pa looked in her direction. They tell me it was a whirlwind courtship, which of course is not as powerful as a cyclone one. Anywho..they had the ceremony, and he dragged her over the nesthold and viola 48 hatchlings. Does that cover it?

Oh …my.

Oh my what?

I … it’s just that it wasn’t…I didn’t…you shouldn’t…I really must go

But baby it’s cold outside …look out the window at that storm

I really can’t stay…

I’ll allow you to call me Cyril


Cyril … you may call me Cyril

Oh … gee okay…thanks.

Welcome. So where were we?

I have no idea.

You’re the one conducting the interview.

I am?

That’s the rumour.

Oh. yes…yes I am. Um…is your wife with you?

Are you vision impaired?


Vision impaired.


Are you quite certain?

Well, yes.

Oh…perhaps you should get it checked.


Because you can’t see that Sadie isn’t here with me.


You asked if my wife was with me. Trust me you would know if you weren’t vision impaired. She’s wearing the Carmen Miranda outfit today.

Oh …my.

Oh my what?

I feel quite faint.

You want I should give you mouth to snout?

Uh, no…but thanks.

Welcome. So, this fainting thing, how long has that been happening?

Oh around 15 minutes or so.

That recent. You could be pregnant you know.

Oh I hardly think so.

Oh. Why not?

Well, I don’t.. it isn’t as if...! That’s hardly your business.

I thought this was an interview.

It is.

So why can’t I ask questions?

I’m interviewing you!


You are making this difficult.

I am?

Well yes, yes you are.


Why what?

Why am I making this difficult?

I don’t know.

Have you considered giving up your day job?

Please can I just get a straight answer?

Well, who is getting a little tetchy?

You appear in a book, yes?


What’s it called?


Noooooo…the name, I want the name of the book!

You really should have done your research.

I did.

Then why don’t you know the name of the book?

I do.

Then why did you ask me?

I need a drink.

A drink, hey now your talking. Make mine a JD straight up no ice.

You drink?

Is the Pope Catholic?


My word you are in a bad way. Vision impaired, hearing impaired…and we won’t even go near the nose thing.

I think we need to bring this interview to a close.

Why, I’m just getting the hang of asking you questions?


I did bad?


Oops. Let me make it up to you.


Even I won’t go near that one!

How do you plan on making it up to ME?

You're yelling.


Have I upset you?


Oh my, how unfortunate.

It is.

Perhaps I should go?


Would you like to come with me?

What? like …come… read my lips dear…with me?

Where are you going?

I’m dining with Al.

Al who?

Oh my God! There is only one.


You haven’t met, Al?

AL WHO????

But…but, how could you not have met Al?

The interview was discontinued at this point. The interviewer is believed to be making a slow but steady recovery.

As for Mr. Cyril C. Roc. Odile, well he is dining with … not on … Al.

 Don’t you dare ask Al who?

Read more about Cyril, Al, and the rest of the crazy folks on Slush pile reader

link thingy...

My book is currently ranked number #8... it would be nice to hit the top five....heheh..Cyril said that.

He even has his own blog site...


  1. LOL, too funny. Hard to wrap my head around it being "C" day already for you? You must be posting early ;-)
    Have fun with A to Z ;-)

  2. OMG you're doing the Challenge Sooz! Isn't it fun? Besides how time consumng... ANyway love the interview with Cyril, and I still rememberreading this on Autho back in the day!
    aloha and friendship,

  3. So it's C in Australia. This is delightful. I almost closed shop, but decided to do a few more. Glad I found this one!

  4. It's scary and a blast Toby..I am still looking through 1200 entries to see if i can locate any of our crazy bunch.

    Thanks for dropping by, honey.

  5. That was hilarious! I love that he kept turning the interview around on you.

  6. you are so creative.
    awesome lists of c words.

  7. That was funny! Poor interviewer, she lost it early on and it never came back.

    Great, great fun.

  8. Hello all you lovely folks, thanks so much for stopping in on the A-Z challenge.

    I will be popping in to all the posts sites above.


  9. So lovely to meet you Soooz. I'm surprised we haven't crossed crocs before this. Anyway I love your post now must read your previous one too. Don't know if you read my A is for Australia post.

    Hope we can follow each other's trips.


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  11. Hi again Denise, I forgot all about the Sunday rest day. Sorry about that folks. My enthusiasm ran off with my brain. I will wait 24 hours before the next post.

    Thanks for the heads up on the word verification have turned it off. Glad we finally met up Denise and thanks again for the heads up.

  12. Slowly coming round from this delightful intereview, LOL.

    CJ xx

  13. Wow, he sure can give one impressive interview. Love him already.

  14. Very cool and creative interview!

  15. *giggles*
    I found you through the A-Z Challenge.

  16. Hi from twitter - nice to meet you :) I laugh myself silly here :) Great interview :)

  17. Hi :) Love the interview! I've been here before, but couldn't get my comments through. I hope this one makes it...all the best for A-Z!

  18. Fun post -- thanks for the laughs! Looking forward to more of your A-Z posts :))

  19. Cool post! Nice to meet another Aussie! :o)

  20. what an entertaining post! I kind of want to ask about al, but I won't

    stopping in from the A to Z


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