Sunday, May 1, 2011

Announcement! "Paragraphs of Power" has moved to my blog site!

I have decided to move my PARAGRAPHS OF POWER contest over here to my usual hang out, much more traffic and a better way to connect with more lovely folks who love this type of contest.

The RULES remain almost the same only the submission details have altered...REFRESH YOUR MEMORY only one additional rule, people submitting are required to follow the site, only fair I think.


Entry Submissions will open On the 2nd of each month. Previous winners may enter. 

The Paragraphs must be the OPENING of the story.
However you are free to enter a 300 word submission purely written for this contest: It does NOT need to be part of a larger body of work, the Challenge is to make the reader wish it were!

 Entries must be…300 words maximum…100 word minimum. In any genre. The Title is required but not included in the word count.

You may be a published or unpublished author.

The work itself must be unpublished …for the purpose of the contest a work will be deemed unpublished if no contract has been exchanged or isbn number allocated.

On the 25th of each month, at midnight…Submissions will CLOSE.  

When SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: I will then select the finalists.***** I will judge these on the merit of the work. 

Does it grab me? Is it fresh, is every word chosen to hook me? More importantly…does it make me long to read more? That is what publishers and agents look for. That is what I will be looking for. 

Once I have made my selection the FINALISTS will go up on site for an blind vote.

The Paragraphs Of Power need to abide by the word count, and be submitted in the BODY of an email to me at

Please ensure that “Paragraphs Of Power” is written in the subject line of the email.

One person one vote. The finalists will have their paragraphs identified by number and title only.

There can be only one winner. If a tie occurs I will extend voting on the tied entries for a further 24 hours.

The winning entry will be up on the site until the end of the following month. 

The work will be posted in its entirety if a chapter of a book follows directly from it, or a completed short story if that is the case. I will also put up an author bio and profile picture and any links the winning author chooses.

That's it that's all go for it! Submissions are now open!

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