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Book Review "Supertech" by Greta Van der Rol,

Review of 'Supertech' by Greta Van der Rol AVAILABLE NOW... the prequel to MORGAN'S Choice due out June 2011
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance meets Cyber-Punk.
Published by: Pfoxchase Publishing.
Release date: Supertech Available NOW...the follow up novel of MORGAN'S CHOICE is Due for release in June 2011
I am already a huge fan of Greta van der Rol’s work, and took that into account when reviewing Supertech the marvelous prequel to “Morgan’s Choice”.due out in June.. wanting to read and review without prior knowledge of just how good an author Great van der Rol is was impossible, my expectations were already running high after “The Iron Admiral” one of my all time favorite Science Fiction Novels.
I am always a little trepidatious when reading a favorite authors latest book, wanting it to be as good as its predecessor…I need not have worried; this one equals the ‘Admiral’ in every way, and the pacing is wonderful.
Meet Morgan Selwood; you won’t forget her after you are introduced; she is a character that gets into the psyche and raises more than a smile and your blood pressure... Tough, smart, resilient and in control of herself…as good a way as any to begin describing “Supertech” Morgan Selwood.
A ‘Supertech’ ? So what is a Supertech?
A Supertech, is bioengineered from birth, a living, breathing, complex and at times downright cantankerous woman with a supercomputer embedded in her brain.
Make no mistakes though, Morgan is all female and then some, added to that she also posseses an indredibly high IQ and attitude to spare!
Her eyes are artificial so she can link wirelessly with a computer ; her eyes see so much more than a mere human can possibly see.
Most people can’t make direct eye contact with her, she simply will not back off or look away, her silvery mercurial eyes can take the ability to speak away especially in the male of any species.
She is one feisty woman, outspoken, and not a team player if less than honorable intentions are afoot, she will ensure that someone pays the price for any lack of integrity.
Fresh out of the Academy and tasked with designing a control system for an experimental fighter. Morgan's up for the challenge but far too intelligent to miss the links and apparent underhanded use of powerful connections in creating this fighter…live’s are at risk if she turns those silvery eyes away from the truth.
Fleet command invested in her education, making her the best of the best; but did they train her for ... this?
Author Greta Van der Rol takes you on a frantic, fast paced action packed ride into a murky world of science fiction laced with humor and intrigue.
A marvelous journey you will not forget anytime soon.
Like this…
“She counted her heartbeats; one, two, three, four. She’d heard words, not unintelligible hisses or clicks. Words, she was sure of it. The voice spoke again. It sounded like an instruction.
But what? Think, Morgan, think. What would they want?
The fighter to the left of Curlew took up position in front and the one to the right dropped around behind, edging close. The voice spoke again, a few more unintelligible words.
Best guess would be ‘come with me’. She engaged the drive and matched speed and course with the leading fighter.
Not ten klicks away, the warship’s huge bulk took up the entire display on the view screen.
The profile looked narrow but that was only because of the vessel’s length. Two-thirds of the way along its length and down to its stern a second level jutted above the first.
The leading fighter slowed to a stop. Another unintelligible command. She shut down the engines and hoped Jones wouldn’t notice her hands shaking. Nope. He was too scared to notice anything.
“What now?” he asked.
“Why ask me? How the fuck would I know? They could be strange, flesh-eating beingswith three heads who eat humans for dinner. Maybe we’ll be on the menu.”
He scowled. “Why do you always try to make a joke when it’s serious?”
“It may not be a joke. If it’s not the Coalition and it’s not the Festive Fairy…” A shudderran through Curlew’s hull. “Hang on. They’re bringing us on board. That was their grav beamcatching on.””
Do yourself a favor, buy it and enjoy. This one’s a keeper.


  1. Supertech only featured Morgan Selwood. Morgan's Choice will have ... Ravindra. Yes, let the casting begin.


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