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Book Review," Dusan" by Poppet.

Book Review of "DUSAN" by POPPET

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Dusan is on a feeding frenzy after twenty-five years of hibernation. As a soul eater, he cannot kiss without killing.

He crosses paths with Aine while being hunted by the Phoenician priest Gregori, and soon discovers Aine is also on the hit list. Falling for her fast, while trying to discover why she's also marked for death, the ultimate soul eater's Armageddon is about to happen.

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Free falling; wind rushing, flailing. Gregori.

Cast off the Eiffel Tower, even I expect to die this time.

The child I fed on this morning saves my life. She was so young, but no
longer innocent. Irrevocably brutalised, her step-father broke the
tiny body severely with penetration. I was lucky to save her soul
when stalking through ER on my way out of the hospital.

Bracing for impact, instead of splattering, I bounce into traffic.
Brakes accost my overwrought nerves with squealing. Burning
clutch wafts over me. Staring up, I can just see the bastard staring
down at me in his billowing holy robe.
“He came out of nowhere! I swear!”
I lay still as the beauty leans over me; her scent is intoxicating.

I know I'm fine, but she doesn't. I'm ravenous enough to feed on this
entire crowd and still have appetite for ten more.

When she moves closer, I'm overwhelmed with the panic in her
pulsing life.


After listening to my somnambulant heartbeat, she puts lips
over mine, pinching my nose and exhaling. With only two beats an
hour, she assumes I'm dead. It'll take ten souls to get it up to speed.
Inhaling deeply, she's unprepared for me as I suck her out of her
body and into my own, instantly rejuvenating myself. Her soul
rushes, saturated with fear, the breath washing into me is orgasmic
in its shuddering. Her body slumps and voices filter amongst the

Don’t begin reading this book if you intend to put it down and pick it up later. I will bet that you will find it as impossible as I did to do that.

Author Poppet takes you gently and then propels you into a journey: not merely a reading experience. 

The rich characterizations of Dusan, Ashur, Gregori and the beautiful Aine held me captive. 

The ever present flicker of humor tantalizing and adding to even the bloodiest of encounters.

Dusan…Who or what is he? He takes souls from his conquests with a touch of his lips…souls that were unhappy in life find joy in his protection. 

To say too much would spoil this for you and it is far to good a read to do that. 

Take the journey with Dusan. Author Poppet has crafted a tapestry here. Rich in description and the ever present understanding nudge and wink at human nature in all its tarnished ugliness. 

The pacing is fast, relentlessly so, I found myself holding my breath as I read, only to release it thankfully when scenes allowed me to.

This is not horror, nor is it fantasy is is a marvelous blend of genres, taking you into each beautifully woven scene and showing you the depths of despair and the crushing futility of love.

Has Dusan met his Nemesis in his beloved Aine?

And what of Gregori? The Phoenician priest, why does he hunt Dusan so relentlessly? What possible interest could he have in the Human Aine? 

She is on his hit list! But why?

I can say little more without spoiling this book. Suffice it to say that I am delighted to own a copy, and unhesitant in recommending it to people who enjoy excellent writing, and a fast paced story layered with intrigue, humor and passion..

I challenge anyone to put it down once they begin to read. It is THAT good.

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