Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Review "New Beginnings" By Johanna Nield

Lust, love, loss and other four letter words., June 29, 2011

This review is from: New Beginnings By Johanna Nield (Kindle Edition)

I love the format that author Johanna Nield uses here. Dated blog entries that take the reader into Tasha's life, and by extension the lives of all those that touch her own.

The author doesn't make any attempt to paint Tasha as perfect, thank God for that. Tasha is very real, she is funny, kind, quirky and totally obsessed with Jamie.

Jamie is in her mind walking perfection. Wonderful to look at, sense of humor, great dresser, smells great, and an all round nice guy, he rings the lust chimes bigtime in Tasha. Only one problem...The wonderful Jamie is very married, has a daughter (Beth) who is disabled and appears to totally adore his wife, Helen. So for Tasha its unrequited lust/love from a distance. Her blog entries cover the squirming embarrassment she experiences every time Jamie comes to within 3 feet of her. The author allows us to see just how obsessed, and consequently how vulnerable Tasha is where Jamie is concerned.

Jamie's wife Helen is killed in a car accident, and Tasha's world is thrown into chaos right along with his; her kind nature asserts itself, and without the intention of becoming totally necessary in his life; sadly she allows herself to become exactly that.

This book is consumable in one sitting, such is the writers voice. Fast pacing and painfully real characterizations grab the reader by the throat, and we become willing voyeurs on Tasha's emotional journey; and Jamie's.

I will not spoil this for the reader, endings are not always that...New Beginnings is an intriguing journey into the heart and mind of a young woman in love, I am so pleased I took this journey with the author. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys not just romance, but clever and accurate characterizations.

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  1. Sounds like a great read. I write horror, but I read everything.



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