Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book Review: "Twisted Fire." By Joanne Ellis

Ahh..Charlotte and Jared. This is going to be a feel good romance right? Wrong. Oh sure you feel good about it, but and it’s a big but…don’t expect the boy meets girl thing to be all there is. This book offers much more than just a fairytale romance. Author Joanne Ellis has the gift of crafting characters that we care about.

Jared is a firefighter, he is also a damned good looking man who takes life seriously and he has been burnt by more than occupational hazards in his life. He is a tough nut to crack, respected and admired by his colleagues and loved by his friends and family. They despair that he will ever meet anyone to make him truly smile and mean it.

Charlotte is a vet, that already made her lovable in my world. She is also beautiful, young outspoken and vulnerable. Her lighthearted flirting is a cover she hides behind, it’s safer to be that way, yet she hungers for a deeper and more committed relationship.

Mix this duet carefully, stir it and kaboom! Lust and that other L word erupt. Jared has misconceptions about Charlotte that are soon put to rest…Until? Yes of course there’s an until…a total misreading of a situation causes the lovers a great deal of angst.

Interwoven in this book is the dark world of a pyromaniac…a seriously sick individual that places lives at risk. The police and fire department are frantically trying to track him down.

Charlotte is trapped in a burning apartment.

That is all I will say, without spoiling this terrific read for you. Expect the unexpected.

If you like your romance served hot, if you enjoy a book that gives a depth and endearing quality to the characters, a book that involves you from its outset, then “Twisted Fire” by best selling author Joanne Ellis is for you.

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