Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Violence in Literature. When is enough, enough?" Amended Guest Schedule.

Coming in AUGUST on Soooz Says Stuff blog.

Topic: "Violence in Literature. When is enough, enough?"

My Guests and their scheduled dates.

Mark Stone … August 1st.

Patti Larsen … August 3rd

Debbie Bennetts … August 5th

Greta Van der Rol ... August 7th

Gerald Johnston … August 9th

Garalt Canton … August 11th

Evangeline Jennings … August 13th

Tantra Bensko … August 15th

Pavarti Tyler ... August 17th

Hannah Warren … August 19th

Kathleen McKenna … August 21st

Diane Nelson … August 23rd

Marney Wolfhunter … August 25th

G. Russell Gaynor … August 25th

T.L Tyson … August 27th

Ruth Barrett … August 29th

Mandy Ward … August 31st


  1. Great list of writers, look fwd to it!

  2. OOh, how exciting. I'm envious. That's a subject much closer to my heart than sex in literature. I'll write a post for my blog to tie in if I may?

    I've received more comments about the violence in my work than the sex by a long chalk. Whilst I was writing The Man Who Painted Agnieszka's Shoes I even temporarily modified a scene in which a graffiti artist peels the skin from the a man's elbows, knees and wrists and slices his ligaments one by one in response to comments from people who clearly weren't my readership. The experience left me feeling dirty and like I'd betrayed everything I stand for. Needless to say the passage is back in the published version - the subject of the book is the saving power of pain in a world gone numb

  3. Dan, I did an open call for anyone interested in contributing for this Topic, I am so sorry you missed it. I look forward to reading your tie in post, and comments on the topic throughout the month (Hopefully) x

  4. I shall be in to comment oodles :) Sorry I missed the call - my web presence has been rather sporadic for health reasons the past few months

  5. I do hope you are feeling much better, and soon my friend. xo

  6. Dammit I thought you forgot! Starts scribbling frantically.

  7. lol...not a chance, Gary. I'm looking forward to reading all my guests posts... happy scribbling my friend.


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