Saturday, September 17, 2011

Book Review "The Last American Martyr" By Tom Winton

Book Review: “The Last American Martyr” By Tom Winton.

When I reviewed the authors first book “Beyond Nostalgia” I said that ‘Tom Winton writes with a pen dipped in his soul’. I wasn’t wrong or overtly throwing compliments away; I meant it. 

This his second book only serves to enhance that point in my opinion.

Tom Winton’s writing is a delicious, complex, parcel of ordinary folks in extraordinary situations. 

You are teased into smiling at the insights into his characters motivations, horrified by the lengths that others will go to relieve him of his freedom; and warmed by his ability to care enough about his fellow man to have expressed his remarkable insights so well.

Author Tom Winton has created such a marvelous character in Thomas Soles. A simple man an everyman, a man who wrote a book that motivated and activated an enormous response from the buying public.

A book that garnered him the Nobel Prize for literature.

A book that turned his life upside down and his heart inside out.

The character of Thomas Soles reminds me of another character I came to treasure…Atticus Finch in Harper Lee’s wonderful ‘To Kill A Mockingbird”.

Tom Winton writes in a way that invites you in to the warmth of his fire, then holds you a willing captive to the comfort you find there, along the way you experience the wrenching pain of watching the fire die.

I am moved by this book. I am in awe of the authors marvelous insights into our strengths, our weaknesses and our ability to survive.

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  1. This is definitely a good one, folks. Worth your time to savor quite excellent writing.


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