Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book review: "Edge of Extinction" By Kristen Stone

BOOK REVIEW: “Edge Of Extinction” By Kristen Stone.

I was hunting for something to read, something that would spirit me away from today and the world around me for just a while. What i found was an experience like no other I have had in many a long year.

A joyous, intense and highly visual journey into the Amazon jungle. Author Kristen Stone hasn’t simply written a batch of descriptions and thrown them together, she has cleverly taken this reader by the hand and spirited her into the sights sounds and smells of the Amazon.

Her characterization of Kianda Mala is perfect. The monkey man revered as a God by his tribe must adjust to being flung into the violent turbulent and careless 21st century, in the shape of a mining camp. A camp peopled by those that have uncaringly altered the history of an entire Indian community by their greed and malice.

Author Kristen Stone writes with the gift of vision. She has seen this wondrous world in her marvelous imagination and she has shared it with those lucky enough to read it with a gifted pen.

The worlds that we humans destroy in search of the almighty dollar are known to all of us that care. Here is an author that presents the theme of destruction of innocence in an altogether unique and wonderful way.

I choked back tears, I raged at the useless waste of lives and I cheered the character of Kianda Mala as he fought for the survival of his people.

Do yourselves an enormous favor folks; read this book, it will linger in your memory long after you have closed the last page. 

Bravo Kristen Stone!

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