Monday, February 13, 2012

"March Madness' How do you promote your book on my blog? NOW FULL.

The book giveaway and promotion for March Madness is now full. I filled the 31days in roughly 14 hours. Thank you all for participating. The folks that made the cut will be notified by email with the date of their book promotion and giveaway.

March Madness. Details For Contributors.
For the entire month of March I have decided to feature a different book every day on my blog Soooz Says Stuff.
Every day for the 31 days of March one book or up to two books per author...will be featured and one  kindle or e/book copy of that book given away.  Which the participating author (Needs to) donate.
What I need from you (if you wish to join in the insanity).
#1...Brief Biography with picture of yourself (Picture Optional)
#2...Book Cover:
#3...Back cover blurb.
#4...Optional, one review of your book that you wish to share.
#5. The links were folks can purchase your book.
I will send you the schedule of the day and date that your book will appear on my blog. And then after it has appeared I will send you the name and email of the randomly selected winner.The winner will be chosen from the people that comment on your books post. I will be posting the daily participants on FB and twitter and several other sites.
What do I get out of it? Firstly...I love promoting other authors, you will probably already be aware of that. Secondly I hope to gain more followers for my blog.
The books will be listed in first come first serve basis.
If I receive more than 31 entries I will double up the books on randomly selected days.
I would love you to participate. NB if you wish to enter more than one book that’s fine, I will promote 2 books per author maximum.
So, I want to have this all written up and ready to roll on the last day of February. That gives you plenty of time to get your entry in. And allows me to complete all the posts and promotions ahead of time. Let me know asap, if you are going to join in... so I can add you to the schedule of participants. 14 days are already filled since this morning.
Send me your expression of interest, or the details requested at
Please write “March Madness” in the subject line.
Hope to hear from you.

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