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March Madness: March 12th John Booth "House of Silver Magic."

 March Madness for March 12th welcomes Author John Booth "House of Silver Magic."

John Booth has been writing novels since October 2006, though his ambitions to be a writer go back to his childhood. The first novel he wrote was The Spellbinder (now available on Kindle) and in the two years that followed he wrote another twenty. However, they all needed a lot of work to get to a publishable standard and John joined Authonomy to hone his craft. It took a little under a year to get his novel Shaddowdon a gold star and a very favourable review from Harper Collins.

Re-envigorated by that review, John allowed more people to see his work and both Pfoxmoor Publishing and Night Publishing showed interest in his work. He currently has six novels available online and at least that many in the pipeline for publication.

John has been happily married forever and has two grown up daughters and a grandchild.

Book Cover -
Back Cover Blurb:
The death of a father is never easy to cope with.

The world isn't being kind to the Grange family, evicting them from their home and taking everything they own. But a strange bequest brings a new roof over their head, even if the house in question is haunted.

As Mandy, William and Jenny adjust to their new life they find they have also inherited a great task. Their father was a guardian of the power hidden in the house and they are expected to follow in his footsteps.

The enemy is already on their trail, seeking the power they know they must protect.

With no knowledge of the magic their father wielded and enemies who can use it all too well, how can they survive? The enemy has already killed their father and is about to knock on their door.


5.0 out of 5 stars Simply magical., November 8, 2011
This review is from: House of Silver Magic (The Magic Series) (Kindle Edition)
John Booth has been a favorite author of mine for a while now, and I am delighted to find another of his works available.

"House Of Silver Magic" the first in a brand new Magic series.

Meet the Grange family. Mandy the eldest at fifteen, followed by William and twelve year old Jenny. With the mother Eleanor ever present to keep a watchful if disbelieving eye on her 3 children.

The relationship between the siblings is crafted with a sure knowledge of young people and their interactions.
The dialogue is marvelously accurate.

When husband and father James Grange dies in mysterious circumstance the powers that be appear to turn on the shocked and bereaved family, forcing them out of their home without a place to turn and no money.

Until their solicitor arrives with strange instructions and a cheque for 30,000 pounds.

His instructions make no sense to the family, how is it possible that they could win at auction a millionaires home for such a paltry sum. But win the house they do, and their adventure into the world of magic and mystery begins.

The three youngsters each have strange instances of seeing what can't possibly be there....Or can it?

Meet the Dees. The beautifully described magical protectors of the home. They are there to defend the occupants that are of "the blood'.

The relationship develops between the three Grange children and the protectors of the 'Source'

What follows is a young adult reader's delight, and older readers me included will enjoy Author John Booth's marvelous powers of description and clever, well delivered dialogue.

Evil doers intent on murdering the Grange family...carrying magic silver from the mysterious 'Source' Mrs. Constance and her psychopathic son are the very epitome of evil, characterizations so well drawn that the reader can despise them without effort.

What follows is reading pleasure as good versus evil. With enough twists and turns to keep readers satisfied and interested.

The retaliation of the Dees against the murderous Mrs. Constance and her deranged son will have young readers satisfied that justice prevailed.

The pacing is masterful. The plot line just terrific...and the intricate weaving of these things and that x factor all authors crave make this a must read for not only young adults, but for all readers that remain young at heart.

I look forward with pleasure to the remainder of the series.

Highly recommended. This book would make a wonderful Christmas gift for young and old alike.


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  1. I've read Scotland Hard and Spellbinder, both novels by John Booth, and another, I think, but I've forgotten the name. He is an accomplished author, and I will certainly read 'House os Silver Magic.'

  2. Everything John Booth writes has that magic sparkle. I'm sure, from the description, that this is no exception. Another book to enjoy!

  3. Thanks for joining in the promotion ladies. The winner of "The House Of Silver Magic" is Gerry McCullough.

    You will have your copy shortly, Gerry.

    Thanks again for participating.

  4. You know, it might be a good idea to help people to discover how to make comments more quickly. It's not obvious at all, and people tend to give up pretty quickly when searching to do something.

    I'm curious to know if anything in John's life has happened that resembled this story in any way he'd feel comfortable talking about.

    It begins with a familiar theme for many, which would draw them in, the loss of the house, taking what one finds which leads to vulnerability, and I'm glad there's literature for young readers to process such events.

  5. Hi Tantra, and thanks for the suggestion. Frankly I don't know how to make it any easier to make comments, the link takes the reader straight to the post, and the comments are at the bottom of the post as most people would expect them to be.

    I don't want to offend folks by also telling them to scroll to the bottom of each post to find the comments section. However if that will assist in any way I'll certainly add it in.

  6. I've not read any of John's work yet, but it has always struck me as very original (based on teasers I've read) - particularly his latest offering, House of Silver Magic. I loved the line, "He's been happily married forever"!

    [Soooz - thanks again so much for this wonderful series. Are you publishing quick links to these daily interviews anywhere? At present, I come to your blog, and scroll down until I find, "March madness". Takes me a while, but that's fine. Just wondering about other people who might not know your fine blog yet x].

  7. I am addicted to the fantasy genre. I'd love to read this book.


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