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March Madness March 8th Author Arthur Levine. "Johnny Oops book 2 Timeless"

March Madness for March 8th welcomes Author Arthur J. Levine "Johnny Oops Book Two ~TIMELESS."

Arthur J Levine is a spiritually oriented computer junky and writer who envisions vast social changes taking place as a result of technological innovations on the Internet incorporating the use of artificial intelligence, quantum computing and virtual reality.

He has a background in finance and publishing and is the author of the novel Johnny Oops, Sequin Boy and Cindy and the how to find faith book The Magic of Faith. He has also written Homegrown Terrorists, Voyeur Bomb, and The Magic Pill. He is a former Director of New Business for Family Circle Magazine and graduated from The Wharton School of Business with a BS in Economics. Mr. Levine is married and has three children and seven grandchildren.

 Back Cover blurb 

Timeless is the story of Johnny Oops’ second son—a rocket scientist who flies a spaceship to a far away Planet with his inner self, Outy, and marries a bald Blue lady by the name of Ala who never ceases asking Johnny funny questions. They have a son called Johnworld who is Magenta colored, has Yellow hair and perceives his mission in life to be to propagate different races. They spend most of their lives trying to ward off the prejudice and bigotry that follows people of color.

Discriminated against back on Earth, Johnny Oops 11 sets off once again in another spaceship together with millions of Indolts—Ala’s peopleand the Magentas of which Johnworld is the first. They have to shrinall their people temporarily down to their essence—in the case of the Indolts no more than the equivalent of an eighth of an ounce and convert each of them to bar codes laminated on to blue plastic disks one inch long by two inches wide. They travel through time rather than space enabling their trip to be timeless.

When they reach their destination they reconstitute the Indolts and Magentas back to normal size using giant scanners. On their new home of Everworld they meet other races of various colors and stripes called the Fugats, the Juicers, and the Three Tribes.

Before long they form a Great Society, which is intent on not color-coding their emotions. After fighting off skeptical suicide bomber Mimon birds who don’t believe they can succeed, they discover a new reality and enter the Paradise of their dreams.

4. Review  5.0 out of 5 stars A Modern-era GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, February
12, 2012
James A. Anderson "Author" (London, Ontario Canada) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless (Kindle Edition)
Just finished Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless by the highly talented visionary Arthur J. Levine. This sequel to Johnny Oops does not disappoint. A far out, fun read to overcome the winter blues.

This book is very funny satire (especially of Homeland Security and Congress) and a sort of modern-era GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. Levine's witty dialogue and outrageous plot are highly entertaining and thought provoking. There are some serious underlying philosophies offered here though.

If you want to read something decidedly different and unlike anything else on the book market, give both books a try. Highly original, thought provoking and entertaining stuff.

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    I purchsed and read both "JOHNN Y OOPS" and "JOHNNY OOPS II - TIMELESS".
    Both are outstnadning reads with great humor and thought provoking, in this age of technology, will we mee Living Beings from another Planet?
    Author Arthur J. Levine has created a teriffic series with JOHNN OOPS!
    He has a new realse; referred to above, "SEQUIN BOY & CINDY". I had the privilege of reading an advance copy. WOW! Although touted as a "paranormal romance", it is so much more! It is an inspiring novel that should be required reading by every junior and high school student in the country! Author Arthur J. Levine is destined for the NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER List!
    Michael Phelps
    Miami Shores, Florida

  2. Awesome review. This sounds like a great book.

  3. Thanks to the lovely folks that commented on Arthur Levines great book.
    Time to draw a winner out of the hat again...and...congratulations to George Polley.

    Your e/book will be sent to you shortly, George.

  4. I know I'm too late for the draw, but commenting anyway. This sounds like a fascinating book, Soooz and Arthur. Thanks for posting this.

  5. that's an imaginative story, wow. and i'm glad to see such topics satirized so whimsically. we need to break loose like that and exaggerate the ridiculousness of what's going on. it sounds kind of bizarro, like a really galloping ride of a wild time. traveling with an inner self must have been a challenging and inspiring subject to explore.


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