Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Review: "Angels in Flight" by Gerry McCullough.

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Angel in Flight by Gerry McCullough.

Gerry McCullough has been a favorite author of mine since I first read “Belfast Girls” then “Danger Danger”

Angel in Flight does not fact I’d go as far as saying this is my personal favorite. A thriller that packs a real punch.

Don’t read this work if Romance is all you are looking for. This goes way beyond the surface thrills of boy meets girl.

Angel Murphy has. through necessity (A turbulent marriage) learned self protection the book progresses she will need them and then some.

In Greece on a holiday to regroup after her marriage ends, Angel finds herself caught up in far more than the stunning scenery...although author Gerry Mccullough has that marvelous gift of taking you to Greece and with few words you are indeed dining and experiencing the Greek Islands...but and it’s a big BUT this is not a travelogue.

The tale is so seamlessly crafted that genre is unimportant. The pacing of the nightmare world that Angel Murphy finds herself flung into is as close to perfect as it gets...the underlying threat of a big pharmaceutical company being prepared to do whatever it takes to keep a vaccine that may prevent the horrors of Malaria under wraps. Money speaks their language...humanity can go to hell. 

But Angel is not easily daunted.

She  ...ah wait.. that would spoil the book for you, and it’s far too good to have that happen. yourself a favor...get yourself a copy, settle down and...I dare you to put it down. I couldn’t.

This is the start of a series, and this reviewer is eager for the next thriller from the multi-talented Gerry McCullough. Bravo!


  1. Soooz, thanks so much for this absolutely stunning review! You're the best! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Nice review. Good to see Gerry keeps writing more good stories.


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