Friday, August 17, 2012

Soooz's Book Pick of The Week "Diary of A Small Fish" by Peter B Morin.

 "Diary Of A Small Fish" by Pete Morin.


Pete Morin has the gift of making you care about his characters. I first read this book months ago...yet it lingered in my memory. Such is the talent of this author. I am delighted to present "Diary Of A Small Fish" as my Book Pick Of The Week.

My Review of “Diary of a Small Fish.”
Author, Peter B Morin has written an outstanding debut novel.

Irrespective of your nationality or familiarity with the laws of the United States of America, this author writes in such a way that it is clearly understood. His professionalism is clear in every wonderful court sequence.

The character of Paul Forte is such that you just cannot help liking the guy. His wicked humor, ability to laugh at himself and his touch of innocence in a non-innocent environment has you caring what the hell happens to him.

Hell erupting into this guy's life is pretty much what happens.

He has an addiction that is not fatal, but it is an addiction; albeit one that most folks seem to understand...what is it? Golf ...he has a handicap to die for on the best golf courses the U S of A has to offer.

Hyannisport anyone?

Paul Forte is being hunted; he may be a small fish, but a sufficiently interesting fish to be subpoenaed to appear before a Grand Jury.

Assistant U.S Attorney Bernard (don't ever call him Bernie) Kilroy has his sights set on the coveted position of Attorney General of The United States of America...he wants exposure, he will do anything he has to do to get it.

Is he also motivated by something far less altruistic?

The author allows us to smell the set up, yet this is not a predictable story, far from it. This fast paced and clever work takes you to the most unexpected places...

The character of Paul Forte is not one dimensional.. He is capable of deep and abiding loyalty, his heart is able to be broken, and his love is yearning to be earned. We share with him his abiding love for his father, his relentless loyalty to friends he believes in, and his sudden and unexpected love for a woman that completes his life.

Meet Shannon, a beautiful, quirky, lovable, odd ball. A complex woman; a character crafted with skill and a depth of understanding into unresolved guilt that is moving and right on the money.

The technical aspects of the trial are beautifully handled.

The dialogue is rich and often darkly funny.

The willingness of good people to do what is right in a bad situation is attacked, and...

I will not spoil this for you. It is a damned fine read, fast paced, and at times intensely moving. A fine debut novel indeed.

I look forward to reading much more from this author.

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