Saturday, September 1, 2012

Book Review: "Jabin and the Space Pirates" by Bev Allen

 I am delighted to introduce my readers to Author Bev Allen and my review of her YA Science fiction Novel "Jabin and The Space Pirates"

 Author Bio...
My name is Bev Allen and I am old enough to have two grown up kids, a son and a daughter.
I’ve always told stories, but I am dyslexic and the process of writing them down was always hard and the results unsatisfactory.
When my kids were in their teens they needed a computer for school work, so we bought one and I discovered word processing. Here at last was the tool I had been waiting for all my life and in the next few years I wrote and wrote and wrote.
Most of it wasn’t good, but I was learning my craft and eventually I sent a short story to SFX for their Pulp Fiction competition. I didn’t win, but I was one of the ten runners up who got their whole story published in an anthology.
Soon after I was contacted by Big Finish, who published Dr Who stories under licence from the BBC. On the strength of my SFX story, they commissioned me to write for one of their anthologies. "Autaia Pipipi Pia" appeared in "Dr.Who Short Trips: Christmas Around the World.". Tom Baker signed my copy, how cool is that:-)).
I have always loved pulp sci fic and adventure stories, the sort of book that is now called YA, but I still think of as FUN. My small success made me take a serious look at what I had written during my learning time and one story stood out as having potential and after some extensive rewriting “Jabin and the Space Pirates” is the result.
It was published by Taylor Street at the end of this year and my second book has also been accepted and will hopefully be out before the end of this year. Working title is “Lucien and the Tattooed Tribes”, it’s an eco-warrior adventure, set on a distant forested world.

Jabin & the Space Pirates

Bev Allen’s Jabin and The Space Pirates is labelled YA...I am far from that age bracket and yet this book captured me and held me a willing captive from the first page till the last.

Author Allen has crafted a character that readers of any age will empathise with. Jabin is endearing, strong, and wise well beyond his years. He has to be as he is thrust into a world of enmity, a world that makes him an outcast, a world peopled by those who believe that theirs is the only ‘true’ belief system. Bev Allen’s ‘Jabin’ will drag you into his world...a world where he feels constantly disconnected, unloved...and unnecessary. 

Many Young Adults in our harsh world will identify with these facets of Jabin's character, many of us older folks that have experienced that feeling will want so very badly for Jabin to find a place he belongs. 

This book hits me on so many levels ... It is an Adventure, Science Fiction and a moving and at times violent expose of all that is wrong in the world. Although set in space, Bev Allen has crafted a piece of fine work that could be set anyplace ...anytime. Jabin is a universal character for the 21st century.

I can’t recommend this work highly enough, to all those who enjoy writing that comes from the heart, and to those that simply love a damned fine read.
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  1. I loved this book. Absolutely fantastic.
    Five stars all the way.

  2. Another fan :) from authonomy.


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