Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's NOT cool to be cruel! Cyber-Bullying and what you can do to make a difference.

Hello, my lovelies. I am planning a series of articles on my blog about Cyber Bullying. I will title it "It's not cool to be cruel!" I need case histories, folks. I know many of you out there have either experienced this first hand or are the parent, sibling, friend or loved one of someone who has gone through it. I guarantee that your privacy will be respected. This disease of the internet age has reached epidemic proportions and tragically has resulted in the deaths of so many people unable to talk about and share the events with those that could and would have helped them. The article will also cover what CAN be done ... what each of us can do to assist a loved one experiencing the pain, isolation, and humiliation of these horrendous attacks. So please send me an email outlining the details, and what ,if anything was done to combat it. My email address is Please type Cyber Bullying in the subject line.

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