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Guest Post: Babs Morton---A little help from our friends!

A little help from our friends

Writing can be a lonely business. It’s the nature of the beast. All that time spent alone with our imaginary friends can turn us into odd companions in the real world. So it’s not unusual that we seek out the company of other spinners of tall tales. Some may be fortunate to have access to real live people in the form of local writers groups, for those that don’t , well, all is not lost...enter the world of the online writing communities.

I live in a small village with no access to a writing club. I cut my teeth with some trepidation in that vast community of Authonomy, otherwise known as the Harper Collins slush pile. That was in 2010 and it was a scary place for a newbie like me. But I grew a thick skin, learnt a lot and I made friends with people who walked alongside me as we all made the exciting journey to publication. I’m still friends with many of them now and with many more via Facebook, Goodreads,The Crime Writer’s Association,  and my own publisher’s site where I met the lovely Soooz. I value them all for their interest, honesty and support, for the virtual pats on the back when things go well, and the hugs when they don’t.

I’m also a member of a small historical fiction group, affectionately known as the Hysterical Fictionaires. Ex Authonomites, we are scattered across France, Spain, Ireland, Wales and England and we communicate mainly via email. However I’ve been fortunate to meet two of my fellow Hystericals in person. Today, rather than rabbit on about me and my books, and with Soooz’ kind permission, I’d like to introduce one of those good friends instead.

Moonyeen Blakey (Moon) is a wonderful writer and a very dear lady who I met while visiting with my daughter who was at university in Lincoln (UK) at the time. I recall a balmy summer afternoon in the Cathedral Square, with the bells chiming, and a lunch where we talked nonstop about writing, editing, publishing, and our plans for the future. We proudly swapped books, my debut crime novel Mrs Jones, for Moon’s historical debut, The Assassin’s Wife. I couldn’t wait to get home and read this fabulous tale about the princes in the tower and, Nan, the girl with a special gift. I wasn’t disappointed.  Here’s my review:

“I love books of this period and was attracted to this one by the additional premise of a main character with the dangerous gift of "sight"
From the outset I was captivated by Nan and the way her character was carefully and believably, developed throughout this book. The prose was quite beautiful, and a joy to savour. The period detail and setting drew me in, in such a natural and effortless way, a compliment indeed to the author. Nan's visions served to rank up the suspense as they increased in number and intensity. The reaction of both Nan and those around her fully illustrating the fear and suspicion, abound in those times.
I thoroughly enjoyed this exciting and well researched tale. This is a must read for those who enjoy historical fiction.”

 It’s certainly is a marvellous tale and I’d love for you to read it too. So here it is:

 The Assassins Wife by Moonyeen Blakey.

Second Sight is dangerous…
Nan's visions of two noble boys imprisoned in a tower frighten her village priest. The penalty for witchcraft is death.
Despite his warnings, Nan’s determination to save these boys launches her on a nightmare journey. As fifteenth-century England teeters on the edge of civil war, her talent as a Seer draws powerful, ambitious people around her.
Not all of them are honourable.
Twists of fate bring her to a ghost-ridden house in Silver Street where she is entrusted with a secret which could destroy a dynasty.
Pursued by the unscrupulous Bishop Stillington, she finds refuge with a gypsy wise-woman, until a chance encounter takes her to Middleham Castle. Here she embarks on a passionate affair with Miles Forrest, the Duke of Gloucester’s trusted henchman. But is her lover all he seems?

"The author reveals through a vivid, gripping narrative the fear, violence and chaos of that time. Will the assassin's wife have the power to alter the course of history? Read this book and find out." - Paul Sutherland, Multi-Published Author and Editor

"…a vivid and visceral journey into the darkest hearts of men during the Wars of the Roses… An incredible, unforgettable story, surely made for the screen. Moonyeen Blakey is a major new talent to watch." - Sally Spedding, Award-Winning Mystery Author of Cold Remains 

You can download your copy today at:


  1. Once again, Soooz, many thanks for allowing me house-room on your blog. xx

  2. Thank you Babs - a nice little piece. friendship means a lot, and even though we have never met I consider you a great friend. "The Assassins Wife" looks interesting and I will certainly check it out. I wish you well, as ever, with your writings. Oh, and Sooz I'm truly delighted to see you back.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, John, and for your kind words. I'm sure you'll enjoy The Assassin's Wife. It's beautifully written.

  4. Babs, you are very welcome; this book has grabbed my attention and I have ordered the paperback. I will post a review here. John, as always thanks for your support, it is very much appreciated. x


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