Friday, September 26, 2014

Book Review; Rich Girl by Joanne Sexton (The Saucy Girl Series book 1.)


When beginning to read a book I need to be captured quickly. If by the end of chapter one I am skipping pages then by the beginning of chapter three, I put it down and don’t venture back.

So I was delighted to read this one. Author Joanne Sexton uses pacing to perfection. The writer’s voice doesn’t interfere with the characterizations. I could feel and sense the characters simply because this talented author wanted me to do so.

Chelsea is likeable, we are quickly invested emotionally with her. I found myself wanting her to be happy, needing her to trust Lucas and allow herself to fall in love. I found myself becoming annoyed with her for permitting other things to get in the way. I laughed when I realized that. The sign of a talented writer is making the reader want things for the character, good or bad. I wanted Chelsea and Lucas to find happiness together.

Lucas is complex, deliberately so. The author doesn’t make the mistake of making her lead characters perfect. They are flawed, and it is their imperfections that draw us to them.

If you are looking for a light, breezy, romance novel this book is not for you. This author has developed the plot with far more intensity than just boy meets girl stuff.

Author Joanne Sexton manages to cross genres seamlessly.

There is evil intent in these pages. A murderer is on the loose. A murderer that takes pleasure in inflicting pain and humiliation on his victims. Yet you are given an insight into his fractured mind, you are privy to his thoughts and aware that his ultimate target is still out there.

 The girls he has already murdered were simply target practice. His technique is being fine-tuned to enable the final act to be perfect.

I will not divulge more of the story.

You will enjoy this book, if you like well-written, diverse and interesting characters, and an intense and clever plot.

Do I recommend this book? Without hesitation … yes.

I look forward to reading much more of author Joanne Sexton’s work.

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