Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Tip from Soooz on gaining more exposure for your book.

Are you joined up on Linkedin?

You should be..It's Free, its huge takes only a moment here's the link...

Would you like your book displayed like mine below?

Notice the "See this book on Amazon" link that links directly to my book's sales page on!
To install this app on your own profile, just follow these steps:

Author at Self

Suzannah has read this book
Comment: ""A journey into a violent past, that leads to a very different future.
Stacey Danson is my pen name.
I lived it...and way beyond it.
This is a story of survival against all odds.
I had a dream of a better life...I took that dream and made it happen."
"(Updated 4 minutes ago)

To install this app for your own book on your own profile, just follow these steps:

1.  Click the “More” button on the top menu of your LinkedIn profile, then choose “Get more applications.”

2.  Click on the “Reading List by Amazon” application and install it on your profile.

3.  Make sure the “Display on Profile” and “Display on Home Page” buttons are checked.

4.  Open the application, go to the “Your Reading List” tab, and use the search box to find your book on Amazon.

5.  When your book appears in the search results, click the yellow “Select” button, and it will appear on your reading list.

6.  On the next screen, check “I read it” and “I recommend this book” and then write a comment. If there’s a Kindle version, also check the “I’m reading this book on my Amazon Kindle” box. Click the save button when you’re finished.

You can add additional books to your reading list, but the book you entered most recently will show up at the top when this app is displayed on your profile. You can also edit or delete entries to your reading list.

I will be posting more ways you can gain exposure for your books over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned....

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  1. Thanks, Soooz! This is a great tip. I've been on linked in for a few months, but haven't had much idea how to use it, to be honest. Everything's worth trying, isn't it?
    Thanks again!


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