Friday, May 6, 2011

Book Giveaway. Be quick!

Photobucket I am about to reach my 200th follower here on Soooz Says Stuff, how excited I am, and delighted to extend my thanks to all the lovely folks who follow my blog. . In honor of the occassion I am giving away ten copies of my biography "Empty Chairs" written under my pen name of Stacey Danson. I will randomly select TEN people from the comments and blog the names of the winners tomorrow.
The book description is story is not! EMPTY CHAIRS: Stacey Danson, lived through and beyond horrific child abuse. This book tells of her brutal beginnings, the streets of Sydney at the age of eleven were preferable to the hell she endured at home. She ran, and those streets became her home for five years. She was alone, ill, and afraid. Stacey also had an unshakeable belief that she would do more than just survive her life. She would not allow her future to be determined by the horrors of her childhood. She reached out for something different; there had to be more to life; if she could only find it. She had a dream of a life where pain and humiliation had no place. She was determined to find that life. Empty Chairs is the beginning of the journey. Now she is living the dream.
EMPTY CHAIRS is currently ranked at number #7 on the Amazon BESTSELLER list see below.

Bestsellers in Child Abuse

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  1. 1.
    Sarah Burleton (Author)
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  2. 4.
    by Dan B Allender Ph.D., Dan B Allender

    List Price: $16.99

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    61 used & new from $8.95

  3. 5.
    Abigail Lawrence (Author)
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  4. 6.
    by Jill Starishevsky, Sara Muller

    List Price: $14.95

    Price: $9.36

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    15 used & new from $9.21

  5. 7.
    Stacey Danson (Author)
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  6. 8.
    Anne Vitasek (Author)
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Okay my friends, follow the blog and leave a comment so I know who exactly you are, and thank you. I will randomly select the winners in 24 hours from now.


  1. #200 congrats <3

    I thought I was already following, guess not. But I am now ;-)

  2. Max, THANK YOU! you are my 200th Follower so you automatically have a copy of Empty Chairs coming to you. Send me your details at

    Everyone else who comments and follows will go into the draw tomorrow!

  3. Just to tell yeah I have followed you... Nice blog BTW!!!

  4. I'm following you now. Great Blog!

  5. Hi Soooz :) I'm following you too, now. Keep up the great work!


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