Saturday, May 7, 2011

Book Giveaway Winners!

Thanks for the marvelous support folks. The winners of "Empty Chairs" Ebook are below.

Please send me an email address to enable me to forward the prize; and thanks again for the support. Send your details to me at

Here is the list of winners in no particular order.

Clarissa Draper.

Tristan Bruce.

K.C. Hilton.

Maxwell Cynn.

Melissa J Cunningham

G R Holton


The non-review

Hannah Warren

Mike Church

My thanks again for the support you give by following and commenting on my blog.


  1. Thanks Sooz, I can't wait to read Empty Chairs. Email sent ;-)

  2. Actually Soooz, I was going to comment but seeing as I have "Empty Chairs" already, it would have been unfair on the others ^^


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