Saturday, August 20, 2011

Book Review:" Six Weeks" By Jessica Degarmo


Some books grab you by the emotions and drag you screaming on the journey they make.

Some books hit you in a raw spot, like biting down on an exposed nerve to feel the relief when you stop.

Some books leave an aftertaste , a tingling something on the tongue, that leaves you hungry for more.

Six Weeks does all of the above.

Author, Jessica Degarmo doesn’t protect the reader from the emotion …in fact she opens up a vein and dares you to allow it to bleed. The journey that Immy is on, is one that millions of woman have undertaken, yet Immy is unique..her thoughts feelings and experiences touch the commonalty within us all and manage to stand separate. That is the measure of a fine writer. Ms Degarmo is such a writer, she invites you to share her character’s painful journey, the invitation is subtle, you can choose to leave this rollercoaster at any time, yet why would you? For this ride is as exhilarating as it is painful.

Imogene is on the brink of womanhood, that lonely place where the last vestige of childhood is swept away. She had no real innocence remaining, so she thought. Having to deal with the pathetic, drunken, excuse for a mother that she has, having to raise her little sister and ensure that the youngster has adequate food , shelter and above all else love…that would seem to be more than most teenagers have any right to have foisted upon them.

Then is a moment of frailty, when her defences are down and her needs are high, she makes the biggest mistake of her life. The resulting pregnancy will alter her life, and her sisters life forever.

Ms Degarmo has a masterful touch. She doesn’t bog the reader down with mawkish sentimentality. She doesn’t take the easy road, and let you off the hook emotionally either.

What she does, and extremely make you care. You care about Immy, you care about her little sister, you ache for the father of the baby as he undergoes his own hell, you want these fictitious people to survive, you want the solutions to give them some sort of future, and some sort of closure.

If you enjoy a fast paced read, if the characters you read about need to be real to you, if you want to care..then read Six Weeks.

I for one, would be delighted if a sequel to this could be written. I would love to know what happens in Immy’s life after the Six Weeks is over. That is the measure of a wonderful reading experience…I want more!

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