Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Review: "Two Moons for Sera" by Pavarti K Tyler

Book review Two Moons of Sera by Pavarti K. Tyler

If you love reading a book (novella) that takes you to an unfamiliar world, if you enjoy fast-pacing and wonderfully descriptive passages then this novella is for you.

Author Pavarti K Tyler introduces her warm and likeable characters carefully, you are given an opportunity to see them clearly, and feel the emotions they share .

This novella is the introduction to a new series of books by this author and she builds the background beautifully.

The experimentation that causes the mother figure of Nilafay a Sualwet (Water dwellers) capable of existing on land if they must... birthing Serafay (Sera) of the title.;the hybrid child of Sualwet and Erdlander (land dwellers). These two factions are at war, and to protect her hybrid child, Nilafay isolates them completely from a hostile world.

Having been rejected by her own kind {The Sualwet] she seeks only to find a place where her child will be safe, and because of this decision she raises the central character of Sera in complete isolation.

Sera has only ever had her mother for company. She craves new experiences, she hungers for companionship with someone new and different, a teenager angst ridden and in need of something different in her sheltered world.

Meet Torkek, a young male who has been isolated for so long he has no knowledge of spoken language.

Star crossed from the very beginning yet appealing in their need to be together the story takes on that additional layer, as Sera teaches Torkek how to verbalize.

Torkek is in possession of powers unnatural to this place, and the journey that author Pavarti K Tyler takes you the reader on is both fascinating and easy to read.

The characterizations are well crafted, and seamlessly entwine to make the reader hungry for more.

A clever and well thought out plot that sets the stage for the series to follow.
I recommend this book for the young adult market and for those of you that are young at heart and still know how to dream.
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