Friday, February 10, 2012

Book Review: "The Spellbinder" by John Booth

 BOOK REVIEW 2012. " The Spellbinder" by John Booth (Book 1 in The Tom and Laura series)

John Booth has done it again, His depth of characteriztion in this the first book of a new series is stunning. His capacity for insight into the female psyche is a joy to read, and his depth of empathy with strong females in particular is refreshing. Make no mistakes, there are no stereotypical characters in this work.

The central character is Laura Young. Others have expounded on the storyline and I don’t wish to rehash what has already been said.

Let's focus on Laura…confused and not a little afraid in discovering her abilities as a Class A Spellbinder, she is catapulted into a world she has no real knowledge of.

A place where her abilities will be honed and used as weapons of destruction. 

A place where she is a walking target for foreign assasins. 

Author John Booth has himself a touch of magic in his pen…you breath with the characters, you can through his wonderful wordcraft hear them, see them and feel for them.

You are left with no choice but to keep reading as the pace is rapid and loses nothing in the structure of a world that seems both feasible and frightening to contemplate.

Other folks have briefly commented about the adult content in the book. I find that most teens of my aquaintance are well aware of this aspect of life. 

Accordingly that content is completely acceptable in my view, in fact I think that the characters would have been less accessable and real without it.
I have no hesitation in recommending this work. As book one in a new series it leaves exciting and wonderful possibilities to come.

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