Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Madness COUNTDOWN! Just 1 day till the Madness begins....!

 Counting Down to March Madness...1 day to go!

Book Giveaway more than 31 books being given away for the 31 days of March! 1 day to go. Here is the list of Authors whose books you can win.

March MADNESS! List of Authors. #Note Some authors are giving away two of their published books.

1st...Poppet 2 books.

2nd..Greta van der Rol

3rd..R.B Wood

4th..Annabel Candy

5th..Diane Nelson 2 books

6th..Tantra Bensko

7th..Maxwell Cynn 2 books

8th..Arthur J Levine

9th..Sessha Batto

10th..Kristen Stone

11th..L.Anne Carrington  2 books

12th..John Booth

13th..Jo Ellis

14th Andy Szpuk

15th..Kate Rigby

16th..Ruth Barrett

17th...George Polley

18th..John Holt

19th..Samantha Towle

20th..Jessica Degarmo

21st M.A McCrae

22nd..Barbara Morton

23rd..Jeff Lee

24th..Sheila Mary Taylor 2 books

25th..Bill Kirton

26th..Gerry McCullough  2 books

27th.. Catherine Chisnall

28th..Kimberly Menozzi

29th..Teresa Geering 2 books

30th..Hanna Warren

31st.. Mike Church.

Fabulous list of great authors. REMEMBER to leave a comment, and contact info...the winners will be selected at random from the comments left on each post. One author per day. Join in and give yourself a chance to win a wonderful new E/Book. 

Follow the hosting blog as well and you stand to win a copy of two of the hosts own books.

March Madness.
For the entire month of March I have decided to feature a different book every day on my blog Soooz Says Stuff.
Every day for the 31 days of March one book or up to two books per author...will be featured and one  kindle or e/book copy of that book given away. 

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