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March Madness for March 7th Author Maxwell Cynn

 March Madness for March 7th Welcomes Author, Maxwell Cynn.

Bio - Maxwell Cynn is a freelance writer, novelist, amateur coder, webmaster, and Indie Publisher. He writes an eclectic mix of science fiction, romance, fantasy, and adventure. His short stories are published in sundry media, online and in print, and he is active in the emerging Indie Lit community. His website, and links to his various social networks, can be found at:
twitter @maxwellcynn

Created to be a sexy desktop companion program, Marie develops sentience and emerges into a life of her own. She leads her users, Adrian and Haley, through an erotic adventure as she processes what it is to be alive. The search leads her onto the Internet, and a virtual-world community where she can live an independent existence unfettered by the limits of her server - alive in the cloud - then back into the real world as a sexy robot. Along the way she teaches Adrian and Haley what it means to live and love beyond the confines of the merely physical and liberates her sister programs from their dull desktop existence.

.45 Caliber Jitterbug:
It's the Roaring Twenties in America, but in the South that roar is kept discreetly behind closed doors and separated into "Whites" and "Coloreds" even at the Speakeasy. Jack Spaulding was born and raised in this quiet southern town, but he doesn't care much for Segregation or Prohibition. He's a journalist and his best friend was murdered investigating the war brewing between local Moonshiners and the Chicago Mob.
.45 Caliber Jitterbug is a Cozy Romantic Mystery set in Charlotte, North Carolina in the Twenties. A journalist at the local paper is murdered, a young girl from a prominent family is raped and killed, and a local bartender is shot - all with a high caliber handgun at close range. Jack and an intrepid young legal assistant determined to be the first female lawyer in the state must unravel the mystery and uncover corruption in the seemingly peaceful town.

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On a personal note, please take a moment to click on the link to Indiegogo above. 

 We are a worldwide group of independent authors, publishers, filmmakers, and artists rallying to support a fellow writer. 

Joshua is the 21-year old son of author, Maxwell Cynn. Max writes speculative fiction, science fiction, and romance. His son has been diagnosed with Acute T-cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The cancer has invaded every part of his body: brain; spleen; liver; lymph nodes; and he has a mass in his chest. Joshua has had to suspend his studies while undergoing aggressive chemotherapy and will not be able to graduate this semester. With three-and-a-half years of a 4.0 GPA toward a degree in philosophy, his peers and professors consider him brilliant, as of course, does his father. Joshua would have been the first person in Max's family to graduate college.

To learn more about this amazing young man, read Max's incredible post

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  1. HI, Seen Your Link on Facebook posted by another author I read. Your books look very promising. Can't wait to add you to my list of reads.

  2. Poppet mentioned your blog. The books look interesting. I love Indie authors.

  3. What a versatile writer you are, Maxwell. I'm not a Science Fiction fan, although your book CybrGrrl sounds highly original. But the second book you mention,.45 Caliber Jitterbug, sounds right up my street. (Why on earth a book with this mix of plot elements should by labeled 'cozy' I'll never know, but I realise it's the American way.)

    Really hope all goes well with Joshua. How hard this is for him and for your whole family.

  4. Looking forward to reading your next book.

  5. Thanks to the lovely folks that commented.

    The lucky winner of not one but two fabulous books by Maxwell Cynn has been selected...Congratulations Debbie Negri!

    Please contact me on and give me details where your prizes can be sent.

  6. Thanks for commenting Michelle, Debbie, Gerry, and Magnus. Congrats Debbie. Hope you enjoy the books. I sorta missed the show, sorry for not responding earlier to comments. Chemo, work, and my aging brain preempted my being online yesterday. Thanks for the promo, Soooz. You rock!

    For those who didn't win, any donation to IndiesUnite4Joshua gets you a free copy of one of my books and all sales of any of my books goes to Joshua's treatment. Thanks again Soooz for all your support. <3




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