Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Madness: March 1st. Welcome to Author Poppet. "Quislings" & "Venix"

March Madness for March 1st..Welcome Author Poppet. 

Two amazing books to be won  "Quislings" and "Venix."             

Welcome one and all to day 1 of March Madness.
31 days...31 Authors, and more than 31 books being given away.

Author Poppet is giving away an Ebook copy of BOTH the following books ...


A harmless game of Spirit of the Glass changes their lives. Immersed head first into the ancient Mayan world, tattoos transform, prayers are caught by the greedy, and the rattlesnake comes to stake its claim.

Zohar issued a death threat on Halloween and now it's a race against time before they all die.  Usha has to open the heart of heaven in time to save the rest of them, but the key is too cryptic. Rituals, ancient and new, clash in a bid for supremacy.

A Chinaman, an Italian, a Slovenian, and an American, walk into a bar - it sounds like a joke, right? Quislings are no joke.

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Book 2 in the Pravus Series

In an ancient battle between the neuri of Belgrade and the Vampyre, Zaria is caught in the middle, given the task of being The One.

She is hopelessly drawn to Darise, Venix interferes with his own agenda, but then the neuri Zauran becomes interested in her.

It couldn't be more complicated. It's more than a vendetta, if Zauran can captivate Zaria he will effectively crush Venix's final stand against his kind.

Darise offers unconditional love, Venix offers enlightenment, Zauran offers rabid passion... throw in the rest of the family and you have mayhem...

The lessons are strange, the supernatural men beyond intoxicating, in the end Zaria's has to choose or lose them all.

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  1. Love the book-cover on 'Venix.'

  2. As always, the amazing Poppet brings us more brilliantly written and exciting books. Well done, Poppet, and well done Soooz for promoting her!

  3. Thanks, Marj and exciting start to a great series. xo

  4. Thank you Marj and Gerry xox

    And thank you so much Soooz for inviting me to be part of this exciting month of giveaways x

  5. An intriguing pair of books, with eye-catching covers.

  6. These books are so fantabulous! The author is amazing too! :D x

  7. Looking forward to reading these. It's always great to find new authors!

    1. This post belongs to Patty Brennan Bosko. Thanks Patty, you are in the draw to win the books. Good luck.

  8. Poppet is so talented! Great author choice to start out March Madness!

  9. Intriguing titles, fascinating blurbs. Poppet strikes again.

  10. Thanks to all the lovely folks who stopped by and commented on the promotion for Poppet and her amazing books Quislings and Venix.

    The winner has been randomly selected from the comments....Music please!

    CONGRATULATIONS to..Jen Davis. Please contact me on and let me know where to send your online books.

  11. Late to the party, as always! But just wanted to say how fabulous our lovely Poppet's books are!

  12. Thank you to all of you for entering xxx

    Huggages! x

  13. Yes, as Jess says above, Poppet is a great author to start your March campaign with. Indeed, she's so popular I'm not sure she actually needs the publicity anymore! Anyway,I wish she would slow down, it's very difficult keeping up with people who write faster than I can read. I hope her latest releases do well.


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