Friday, April 20, 2012

Dudes Down Under by Suzannah (Soooz) Burke is now live!

How excited am I? OMG...I have waited so long to see Dudes Down Under published. I delayed sending it to my publishers for way too long, unsure of myself and hesitant to put my Fiction work out there. Thank you to my very dear friend Kathleen McKenna, who bullied, cajoled, pleaded, threatened and begged me to trust my instincts and release Dudes Down Under on an unsuspecting world.

So to her I say .... Cyril and I love ya honey.

To Tim Roux my publisher who has been such an amazing supporter of my non-fiction work and now my crazy romantic-comedy Dudes Down Under I say...awww hell, what can I say? Thank you seems inadequate... I will have to name a crocodile after you my friend.

To the other authors out friends out there that supported Dudes Down Under when I had it up on Authonomy to the tune of 460+ reviews I we are lovelies...finally.


  1. I've got mine on the Kindle FIRE!

  2. Thanks Diane so very first sale! How exciting is this...I am shaking with nerves, and not sure what to do first. I'm kinda used to promoting other folks' work...I am having so much fun fun doing it for my own. Did you like the little curtain Raiser widget? How cute is that!

  3. This book is for anyone who has ever had a bad day or who might have a bad day, or knows anyone who has experienced either and thinks, hey bad time to develop a crack habit, surely there must be another way of feeling good, there is buy and read Dudes a book so good in so many categories it defies description, most of all it makes you happy, guranteed, how many things can you say that about, Sooz makes me happy now theres Dudes so read read read and enjoy enjoy enjoy

  4. Luvs ya my friend, so does Cyril...mwa x


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