Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Book Review: Catalyst: The Passage Of Hellsfire Book 1 by Marc Johnson.

Catalyst (The Passage of Hellsfire, Book 1)

Book Review Catalyst (The Passage Of Hellsfire) Book 1.

Fantasy is not a genre that I read a great deal of, young adult fantasy in particular. I have not read Harry Potter! True.

My mind and mental images haven’t been clouded by Ms Rowlings works so maybe that is a plus when doing this review.

This work is the classic Good versus Evil scenario. Not to demean it in any way, for this author has handled the scenario deftly.

The characterizations of Hellsfire our boy wizard who doesn’t know at the opening of the book that he possesses magical powers is done well. 

Hellsfire is not one of the wizardly types that is instantly endearing, but the author has crafted him well and as the book progressed I found myself hoping that he would prevail against the odds that appeared to be stacked against him. The character evolves as the pages are turned. Very nicely done.

The Princess who has a set of rules including not being helpless and all female. She is proud and stands firmly on two petite feet.

Add to the mixture a smart assed Dragon, Wizards, Gnomes and a plethora of other magical types and you have a well written, easily read novel.

I look forward to reading the sequels and watching Hellsfire evolve further.

I believe the author has done a fine job with his debut novel and am happy to recommend it to Young adults.
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