Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Paragraphs Of Power June 2014 Submissions now open!

 Paragraphs Of Power June 2014 Submissions now open!

The submission MUST be about the above picture....

You need to write attention grabbing powerful paragraphs.They do NOT need to be the opening Paragraphs to a story. They do not need to be a complete short story; although most folks do write a complete short.

 No more than 1000 words in total. In Any Genre.

The vote will be a blind one, the only identifier will be a title of your choosing (not included in the word count.) and an entry number allocated by myself.

 Submissions open May 28th 2014

 Contest deadline is June 14th
Voting will open on June 16th
The winner will be announced on June 20th

The Prize each month...

The winner will have any work of their choosing promoted on my blog for the entire month following final voting.

The winner will also be invited to submit a guest blog post on a date and topic of their choosing.

So! You know you can do it! Write powerful paragraphs that will grab and hold the attention of the readers, paragraphs that make us want more. Paragraphs that we will remember!

Send your entry to me at with the subject clearly noted...Paragraphs of Power contest.

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