Sunday, January 25, 2015

Book Review: Forever Three by Tom Winton.

I review most genre's.  It makes for an eclectic reading experience over a twelve month period.
 I have decided to select one book a month as my book pick. Then at the end of the year, I will have my list of favorites ready to go.

 This book and it's author are my Book pick for January 2015.

Meet author Tom Winton.

Said to be a man who writes with his pen dipped in his soul, bestselling author Tom Winton has been listed as one of Amazon's Top 100 "Most Popular Authors" in both Literary Fiction and in Mystery, Thriller and Suspense. Tom's novels have been likened to such classics as Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird and more. His titles are Beyond Nostalgia, The Last American Martyr, Four Days with Hemingway's Ghost, Within a Man's Heart, A Second Chance in Paradise, and a short story collection The Voice of Willie Morgan.

My review of FOREVER THREE by Tom Winton.

Having read and been deeply moved by ‘Beyond Nostalgia’ I was delighted to find that author Tom Winton had penned a sequel.

 Although this book can easily stand alone.

Life has pain in store at some point, for all of us.
It’s how we deal with that pain, and how we struggle, often unsuccessfully, to move beyond it that alters the end game.

Author Tom Winton has tapped into that pain, that experience; the regrets, the longing … and the destructive forces we humans carry within us to destroy what we have, before it destroys us.

The character of Dean is a man, a complex, fallible man, and a man capable of great love. He is equally capable of being blinded by what once was, at the risk of losing what now is.

It is part of the human condition to wonder “What if?” To nurture and dream of the ‘If only …’ in our lives. 

This author has a deep gut level understanding of these demons that propel us. He possesses the enviable gift of empathy, an empathy that draws us in, because we recognize these characters, and the things within their nature that lay buried within our own psyche.

He had me sighing in recognition with his beautifully penned words. Can any one of us say honestly that they have not wondered at some point in their lives if someone is out there that will always remember us with love and longing?
The characters of Therese and Maddy are equally complex. They have their own demons. They share a history with this man, a love, a lifetime of sad regrets, and a need to know which of them will be the acknowledged last love of his life.

Author Tom Winton takes us on a journey in this book. A journey that compelled me to read on, often blinded by tears, and just as often feeling anger and frustration with the character of Dean.

These characters will affect you, they made me … feel. I became involved in their lives. I was given the gift of belonging for a time within these pages.

That in my opinion is the measure of a wonderfully talented and gifted author.

I once said of Tom Winton that he ‘writes with a pen dipped in his soul.’

This book reinforces that completely.

If you are to read only one book in this genre this year, I strongly recommend that you make it this one.


  1. Wow, awesome review! I have this book.It's on my TBR pile.I'm moving it up to the top now.

    1. Thanks heaps for your interest, Jean. I sure hope you enjoy the journey.

    2. Thanks Jean, Let me know what you think when you're done reading. For me this book is outstanding.

  2. What a lovely review, Soooz. Thank you for all your kind words, and for taking the time to read Forever Three. You, my good friend, are a star.

    1. I have to admit, Tom, it was difficult to read this book simply as a lover of the written word. without my friend hat on. But I did. I treated the review as I would any other read, and I hope I did the book justice.


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