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Book Review "SOULFATE" by T.K.Geering.

 Welcome to my book review of 'Soulfate' by T.K Geering.


 Meet the author

I started to write initially in my teens for amusement but began to write seriously about five years ago. I didn’t chose to write fantasy it chose me…

In the past I have lectured to ‘A’ level and Performing Arts students on creative writing. It became an extremely interesting sideline and gave a natural break from editing, reviewing and writing.

Whilst sitting in my garden amongst the Shasta daisies one hot balmy summer evening, I idly watched a spider spinning a web. I was intrigued by the intricate structure, and ease of his accomplishment.  A storyline formed in my mind and I began making notes. My mind was racing, and my fingers were loaded with words. A couple of glasses of red wine and Shasta was born. I then realised there was a sequel lurking within. Another character introduced himself as Erasmus a time travelling lover with attitude. My quick fingers helped him to achieve his time travelling and within a year the trilogy was complete.

Whilst interviewing a publisher for the writing group I belonged to, I was both shocked and delighted to hear that they were head hunting me for publication of my books. The rest as they say …… is history. My writing style has been compared to J.K. Rowling and Jean M. Auel, and my books are now sold worldwide.

Tee Geering writes paranormal romance and is a previously published author.

Book Review: SOULFATE by T.K. Geering.

Are you ready for an enchanted adventure back through time? 

This book  will transport you to a land of strange mystery, the characterizations so beautifully crafted by this author that you can see them dancing in your mind…You can hear the cat speak…You are laughter bound on meeting the darling Aunt May.

Erasmus and Shasta are bound through time.  This is a love story that has no boundaries of centuries past or future.  As adults we may need to learn to relax and accept all we read, before we can totally absorb all the book has to offer.

However if you bring to the book the willingness to suspend disbelief, you will be transported by the Author…it will perhaps remind you of the magic of childhood as you find yourself hearing and feeling the warmth and magic within its pages. 

 This book has no age barrier; it is as pleasurable for the reader regardless of being fifteen or fifty.

If you want a joyous exploration, a journey through a world less harsh and cynical, then you can do no better than Soulfate.

Author T.K Geering’s work is lyrical, and quite beautiful to escape to. 

Any future works from this talented author shall remain high on my list of must haves.

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