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Author Showcase. Featuring, Gerry McCullough.

Presenting Author...Gerry McCullough.

I am so delighted to be able to bring you Best Selling Irish Author, Gerry McCullough.

Meet Gerry...

Gerry McCullough lives just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is married to singer-songwriter, writer, radio presenter and publisher Raymond McCullough, and has four children.
She won the Cuirt Award for her short story Primroses in 2005, has won, been short listed and commended in many other literary competitions, and has had over 70 short stories published in magazines, broadcast, or published in anthologies.
Gerry's first novel, Belfast Girls, published by Precious Oil Publications, was a #1 bestseller on paid UK Kindle. It was followed by Danger Danger, and then by Angel in Flight, the first of a series featuring Angel Murphy, a strong-minded Belfast Girl. Her second Angel Murphy thriller, published in 2013, is Angel in Belfast. Johnny McClintock’s War was published in August 2014. In June 2015  came Hel’s Heroes, a light hearted romantic comedy. Gerry’s latest book, Dreams, Visions, Nightmares, has just been released, 1 January 2016. This is a collection of eight of Gerry’s prize winning literary short stories, extended and edited, and it will be on sale through Countdown for a week starting on from 6th February 2016 at 99p/ 99c, so this is the perfect time to buy it!
In 2016, Gerry hopes to finish her third Angel Murphy book, Angel in Paradise, which is currently halfway there. But before that a very different book, Not the End of the World, a comic fantasy tribute to the late great Terry Pratchett, will be out at the end of January, followed by a third collection of light Irish short stories in the Tales of Old Seamus series, The Seanachie 3: Seamus and the Shell and other stories.   Variety is the spice of life!

Books coming up for sale.

HEL'S HEROES. Commencing 10th January 2016.

A contemporary romance and an historic romance in one book!

Helen McFadden
... Hel for short , is a successful writer of Historic Romance for the eBook market. But one day she decides that she needs to get out and experience a bit of real life. She is soon clubbing, partying and generally having a good time , and men are springing up in her life from all directions.

's Jason, the actor, Paddy the happy-go-lucky businessman, Jordie the footballer, Markie the pop star, even Pete, her old friend.

But do any of them measure up to the heroes she writes about
, especially Jack, the highwayman in her current book?

Will Hel ever learn to relate to a real man and stop expecting to meet a clone of one of her heroes? 

5 star Reviews:
 This is an outstanding and cleverly crafted novel. Don't be fooled into thinking that because it's a romance novel there is no action, adventure or deep plots and sub plots. It's actually a bargain as it is two books in one and I do not mean one after the other instead one inside the other. The storyline appears simple, an author who writes historical romance novels is writing her latest book, which you read and enjoy as she develops it chapter by chapter. Meanwhile she suddenly decided to try to organise and improve her own life by ...getting a life, after spending extended period devoted to her writing, which had made her successful, but meant she was lacking the hero in her life that she always gave the leading ladies in her novels. Hel soon discovers after a string of comical and a couple of potentially serious events that the course of finding her hero and true love is a complex job and for her it's easier in her historical plots, which she takes refuge in when the going gets tough. The references to Belfast places, restaurants and pubs, etc., as part of the storyline is an added bonus for someone with Belfast on their visiting wish list.The twist at the end is awesome. A highly recommended read.

 This book was a departure from Gerry McCullough's usual genre. In this book she has written about romance, and it's complexities.
You get two books for the price of one, for as the heroine, Hel, starts to explore her own romantic life, she also writes her latest regency novel, which follows the adventures of Annie, and her swashbuckling dreamboat, Jack.
Gerry has expertly woven the book around the two stories, making it unputdownable as you want to find out what happens to both Annie and Hel.
The comparison between Helen, the author and Annie, the character is obvious..Annie and Hel are both true romantics with a nievette,
charm and total innocence. The circumstances over her parents illnesses, where Helen was their carer, followed by her writing career, have left her isolated like a long ago heroine in a Manor House ( Annie).
The parallels are obvious, and Hel decides she wants a social life and she throws herself in head first! This introduction to social life leads to some hilarious scenes, I laughed out loud in places! However, Helen believes there is a romantic,handsome man out there, waiting for her. She lives the romantic idyll of her heroine Annie.
But real life is not like that! We do not live in a romantic novel from a bygone era.
Gerry excels at portraying the personalities of her characters, especially the vulnerabilities of her heroines. This is an excellent book, with levels of emotion and life lessons,. It resounded deeply with me, the only problem being, I got no sleep, by staying awake to finish it! The heroes are good, bad and indifferent , with Hel unable to differentiate ...looking for the wrong attributes.
A fast paced, gripping tale of two romances...and a woman's introduction to real life. The question is ...will she wake up and smell the coffe and discover the reality of mature love? Or will she retreat into the fantasy heroes of her books? Read this to find out!
I would recommend everyone to read this book. You are in for a treat!

Authors latest book ... Dreams, Visions, Nightmares. On sale from 6th February 2016.

Dreams Visions Nightmares will be available for one week only from 6thFebruary at the special introductory price of 99p /99c.
 A collection of eight literary and award-winning Irish short stories, (newly expanded and edited):

Primroses (winner of Cuirt international Literary Award, Galway 2005, published in West 47magazine and Cuirt Annual 2005)

Pink Silk (published in Verbal magazine, Derry, 2008)

Shadows (published in Brazen City, Belfast 2008)

Giving Up (commended in S'e
n O'Faolain Short Story Competition, Cork 2009; published inSharp Sticks, Driven Nails, Dublin 2010)

Slipping (published in Ulla
's Nib magazine, Belfast 2009, winning Star Prize)

Ballystravey, 1988 (published by Luciole Press, California 2009; shortlisted for Cuirt Award, Galway 2010; published in Crime after Crime anthology, USA)

's Luck (shortlisted for the Brian Moore Award, Belfast, 2008)
Dark Night (Extended into full length novel, Johnny McClintock's War ... published in 2014

Reviews: Since this is a very new release, there are no reviews as yet, but here is what the judge who awarded Primroses the prize in the Cuirt Competition said about that particular story:

The Cuirt prize was judged by celebrated Nigerian writer, Helon Habila, who had this to say about the winning entry:

I choose Gerry McCullough's ..Primroses as winner because it is a simple and well judged story about very difficult themes: courage, paedophilia and growing old. The author has managed to truly inhabit [her] narrator, to use his voice, and to clearly see his point of view, these make the story so convincing that the reader is not aware how difficult it is to achieve.
Age and the passage of time are shown in the change in the landscape, in the ugly square houses that have sprouted to replace the beautiful flower gardens of the narrator's youth. The relationship between the narrator and the little girl, Jacqueline, is used to recapture the relationship between the narrator and his dead wife: youth and age, present and past are thus simultaneously captured in a single frame.
The narrator refuses to back down from his purely innocent relationship with Jacqueline even at the risk of being seen as a paedophile, this takes courage. Finally the story is about flowers ... primroses ... those beautiful, non-utilitarian things that symbolise the brittleness of existence, the fine balance on which everything rests, transience, and trust.

Gerry McCullough's other wonderful books.


1. Belfast Girls 
The story of three girls, Sheila, Phil and Mary , growing up into the new emerging post-conflict Belfast of money, drugs, high fashion and crime; and of their lives and loves. 

Sheila, a supermodel, is kidnapped. Phil is sent to prison. Mary, surviving a drug overdose, has a spiritual awakening.

It is also the story of the men who matter to them.

John Branagh, former candidate for the priesthood, a modern Darcy, someone to love or hate. Will he and Sheila ever get together? Davy Hagan, drug dealer,
mad, bad and dangerous to know. Is Phil also mad to have anything to do with him?

Although from different religious backgrounds, starting off as childhood friends, the girls manage to hold on to that friendship in spite of everything.

A book about contemporary Ireland and modern life. An Irish story which both men and women can enjoy
- thriller, romance, comedy, suspense ... and much more .... 

5 Star Review: for BELFAST GIRLS.

'Author Gerry McCullough has not merely written a book. She has lovingly crafted a work that insinuates itself into your soul.

The world of the 'Belfast Girls' is life in Northern Island as it is today, a contemporary world steeped in ancient traditions.

Gerry McCullough has given life to her characters, they live and breath, laugh, hope, cry and dare to dream.

You cannot help but become connected with them, such is the nature of the book and the skilled hand of a craftsman or in this case craftswoman at work. She lures you into their world and you are there with them, feeling their pain and sharing their joys.

The pacing is fast, the characterizations are truly memorable. Be aware...this book is un-put-down-able, so allow the time to enjoy it in one sitting.

Bravo Gerry McCullough, you have crafted a book that will endure.'

2. Danger Danger

Two lives in parallel ... twin sisters separated at birth, but their lives take strangely similar and dangerous roads until the final collision which hurls each of them to the edge of disaster.

Katie and her gambling boyfriend Dec find themselves threatened with peril from the people Dec has cheated. Jo-Anne (Annie) through her boyfriend Steven finds herself in the hands of much more dangerous crooks.

Can they survive and achieve safety and happiness?

The action travels from Belfast to Geneva, Switzerland, and back to Co. Down,
involving both international crime and local drug dealing and gambling. An enthralling Irish thriller which includes romance, suspense, action, adventure, and much more. 

5 Star Reviews: For DANGER DANGER
 Taut, adrenaline fuelled action, rich, deep characterisation, and a compelling and complexly interwoven narrative mark Danger Danger out as a high octane thriller of the highest calibre. Gerry McCullough is an innately talented weaver of words, whose dialogue crackles with hard edged authenticity, and whose stories expose the dark underside of modern society with a keen and compellingly observed insight.
Highly recommended without reservation.

Review 2. A lot of books do well on plot but fall short on characterisation. In some cases, the characters are driven by the plot, their entire personalities altering to suit the needs of the story.

Gerry McCullough shows how it should be done!

All the main characters in this fast paced romance / thriller are authentic, well developed people. It's the mingling of their love and greed, passion and fear, faith and loyalty that creates and drives the plot. Moreover, as we follow the often unexpected shifts in their circumstances, we see those characters changing and developing, for better or for worse!

This complex interplay of personalities and situations - set against vivid and authentic backgrounds - is masterfully handled, but without losing pace and energy. The tension in the two interwoven plots is steadily built up until they crash together! The timing is perfect, and the conclusion satisfying - all the more so since it remains throughout entirely in keeping with who the characters are.

A great story, and marvellously well crafted.


3 Angel in Flight

Terror and romance in the beautiful Greek isles

Introducing Angel Murphy, an Irish female action hero!
Angeline Murphy (Angel to her friends, devil to her enemies) is a girl who takes control. She breaks out of her abusive marriage and learns how to defend herself. On holiday in Greece, she narrowly avoids bumping into her ex-husband, and discovers that he
's involved with some very dangerous people. Like it or not, Angel is soon mixed up in the affair, working to expose corruption in big business, specifically a pharmaceutical company exploiting those who are ill.

With a broken marriage behind her Angel is wary of men, but perhaps her meeting with Josh Smith, who tells her he
's with Interpol, may change her mind?

An all-action Irish thriller which mixes romance, suspense, the beautiful scenery of the Greek Isles, treachery and murder ...
and plenty of other surprises. 

 5 Star Review for Angel In Flight

 Gerry McCullough has been a favorite author of mine since I first read "Belfast Girls" then "Danger Danger"

Angel in Flight does not fact I'd go as far as saying this is my personal favorite. A thriller that packs a real punch.

Don't read this work if Romance is all you are looking for. This goes way beyond the surface thrills of boy meets girl.

Angel Murphy has. through necessity (A turbulent marriage) learned self protection the book progresses she will need them and then some.

In Greece on a holiday to regroup after her marriage ends, Angel finds herself caught up in far more than the stunning scenery...although author Gerry Mccullough has that marvelous gift of taking you to Greece and with few words you are indeed dining and experiencing the Greek Islands...but and it's a big BUT this is not a travelogue.

The tale is so seamlessly crafted that genre is unimportant. The pacing of the nightmare world that Angel Murphy finds herself flung into is as close to perfect as it gets...the underlying threat of a big pharmaceutical company being prepared to do whatever it takes to keep a vaccine that may prevent the horrors of Malaria under wraps. Money speaks their language...humanity can go to hell.

But Angel is not easily daunted.

She ...ah wait.. that would spoil the book for you, and it's far too good to have that happen. yourself a favor...get yourself a copy, settle down and...I dare you to put it down. I couldn't.

This is the start of a series, and this reviewer is eager for the next thriller from the multi-talented Gerry McCullough. Bravo!

4. Angel in Belfast

Alone in his cottage near a remote Irish village, Fitz, lead singer of the popular band, Raving, hears the cries of the paparazzi outside and likens them in his own mind to wolves in a feeding frenzy.

Next morning Fitz is found unconscious, seeming unlikely to survive, and is rushed to hospital. Has he been driven to OD? Or is someone else behind this?

His friends call in Angeline Murphy, ‘Angel to her friends, devil to her enemies,’ to find out the truth. But it takes all Angel’s courage and skills to survive the many dangers she faces and to discover the real villain and deal with him.

Angel's friend, Mary Branagh, from Belfast Girls, re-appears in this novel and develops an interest in one particular member of Raving

5 Star Review for Angel In Belfast.
After reading Belfast Girls and enjoying it I decided to read Angel In Flight even though it would not be my normal choice of reading material, but I really enjoyed it and was pleased that Gerry had decided to develop the character. Angel in Belfast was released in time for me to take to Greece on my holidays. I have to say I enjoyed this book even more than the first. I love the fact that we are reintroduced to characters from Belfast Girls and Angel in Flight they keep popping up in the story like old friends. I finished the book in one day and would highly recommend all three books. I eagerly look forward to renewing acquaintance with Ms Murphy in number 3 long may she run!  

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