Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The A-Z Challenge Day 10 "J" = Jealousy or {Being a Catty Bitch}

The A-Z Challenge day 10 "J" = Jealousy. subtitled {Being a Catty Bitch}

Jealousy..a dreadful thing, I never indulge in gossip, but for the sake of being informative only {Of course} I will share this little conversation between the above ladies.

“Oh my God, don’t look but HE just walked in with ,Cythia!”

“He who?”

“HE! Him!”

“Noooo! Oh my God, where …?”

“Don’t make it obvious..be cool. Turn slowly and to your left!”

“How in the world did Cythia ever meet him?”

“Darling, you are sooo niave! Honestly, you must have heard the stories about, Cynthia?”


“My God where have you been? She’s been away on ‘holiday’ hmmm…No tan, but she looks so much ‘younger’!”

“Oh she does, doesn’t she? Where did she ‘Holiday’?

“Get with the program, Darling. She had a lift, its sooo obvious!”

“Really? But isn’t that terribly expensive? How could she possibly afford … oh, no..you don’t mean she’s been…”

“Well far be it for me to actually state that as fact, but where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

“Oh, my God…that’s dreadful! She looks amazing though, HE can’t take his eyes of her!”

“I’ve heard that she is VERY good at what she does.”

“Do tell.”

“Oh no I musn’t … really; but she apparently has them lining up for more.”

“Ohh…! I always thought she was a bit that way! No style, no class.”

“Well…apparently she’s terribly familiar with  certain er…fetishes, if you know what I mean?”

“Really? Does she… I mean…well she would obviously …that’s a given, How much do you suppose, just out of curiosity?”

“Well, I don’t KNOW for certain…but she did just buy that amazing apartment!”

“I heard she inherited that!”

“She must have made a lasting impression.”

“But, wasn’t he a relative?”

“Keep it in the family dear.”

“Oh what are they doing, he’s on his knees!”

“Oh my God, is that a ring box? You don’t suppose he’s…no surely not? I mean if she’s…you know..why would he?”

“I’ve heard that he may be..you know?”


“Well of course, it’s only a rumor, and far be it for me to spread gossip… but I have heard that he ..you know. Cythia would  be a perfect cover.”

“Oh my God. Just look at them! It’s sickening. She whispering in his ear…”

“I’ll just bet she’s talking about us!”

“Oh, surely not…I do hate gossip.”



  1. Haha, 'I do hate gossip.' That was way too funny.

  2. Love it! I got so caught up in the conversation! Jealousy rarely lifts its head here, but gossip abounds!


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